Sunday, February 12, 2006

When my husband came home from work tonight he said that work might be calling for him to start early, 2 am early. He said to pretend I was him. Well, the phone rang at 11:30,

thank goodness I put the phone in bed with me, even though I wasn't sleeping because I could not pretend I was my husband. I have a girly voice and I would have started laughing if I tried to do a male voice. I told the guy that he would be in early but he said he had to hear it from my husband, which I think is a crock of bull.

So, I woke my husband up and then I reset the alarm and went downstairs to reset the coffee pot. I might as well stay wake to make sure he is up at 1am.

Of course now I am starting to get a little sleepy since I have to stay up and make sure hubby is up. Isn't that always the way.

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