Friday, January 19, 2007


bn1.gifI woke up early and I am in such a good mood. I don't have much going on today except a few things on my to do list.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store to get a few things because I wanted to make my hubby and neighbor some cole slaw. I also made hubby some raspberry cheese cake bars. I only had a small one but those are dangerous. I better pass some out to the neighbors before I get my hands on them. I already had my Kashi cereal with a banana. I seem to have so much more energy since I started eating right. I still have a little problem at night when I start feeling hungry. I think once I start with scanning all of my pictures on cd's and scrapbooking it will keep my mind off of eating. Let's hope. LOL

entertainmentcenter002.jpg This is the entertainment center one of our friends gave us. He and his wife just went out and bought a big screen TV and didn't need the entertainment center anymore. It is brand new. They didn't want any money for it. We just love it.

My computer has been really slow. I only have dial up but it still seems to take a long time for everything. I am ready for a new one.  pc003.gifI think I have had this one for about 5 or 6 years now. I love the flat screen from Dell. I might just get the same one and give this one to my daughter.

fetch.gifI am off to get my first cup of coffee. Everyone in the house is still asleep and I have to wake up my daughter in about 5 minutes and also make her lunch. Have a great weekend.



Sunday, January 14, 2007

Keeping Busy

cid_10CD1819-6AF2-4584-834C-74E0134.gifI can't believe how busy I have been. I haven't done an entry in 2 weeks. I have been cooking so much anioven.gifand using my new Food Saver I got for Christmas. The last 2 weeks I have made tons of meatballs and sauce, 10 hamburgers with green peppers and onions in them, sloppy joes, salmon, orange roughy. I also made about 3 dozen breakfast burritos. They really aren't the size of burritos because I use corn tortillas and fill them with scrambled eggs, egg34.gif

crumbled bacon, peppers and onions. I freeze 2 in a bag and pop them in the microwave. I forgot to say they I have been trying to eat  Blinkie11.gif.

My daughter and I have been going to the mall every weekend. We went to American Eagle and I bought her a shirt and pj bottoms. We also went to Aeropostale and got a spaghetti strap baby blue shirt that she likes to wear under her shirts for only $1.97. I couldn't believe it. She wanted white but they only had blue. We decided to go to TGIFridays and I got this wonderful Santa Fe Chicken Salad.     div286.gif                      It was so spicy but good.  My daughter had chicken fingers and fries and said they were the best she has ever had. When we finished lunch we were going to go see Pursuit of Happiness and were standing in line and she said lets just go see it tomorrow. We didn't go today because she slept by her friend's house and I wanted to watch the Bears football game. We won. Yes!

I love my new scanner. I am having so much fun scanning pictures. Here is one of me and hubby at a wedding. detjeandjohnatwedding.jpg Here is another one at a restaurant in our old neighborhood. johnanddetjeatrestaurant2001.jpg

We have been having some wonderful weather up until last night. We had a little ice storm. They are calling for a few inches of snow tonight. I don't mind as long as it is a few inches of snow. I let my dog Bambi bambi1-6-07005.jpgout on the back deck and he started out running and flew off the deck because it was so icy. I wish I had my camera. Dog flying. LOL

I am having such a wonderful time learning how to scrapbook. I am reading a book right now about it called Scrapbook Workshop. I think I got it about 5 years ago with a disc to download on computer. I bought a basket of stuff for my daughter with scrapbooking stuff but it looks like I am going to use it instead of her. There were 2 albums in the basket so I told her to use the small album and I will use the big one. cid_027001c5635a27f3e930d31298d0Gal.gifI am not sure where I got this picture. My memory seems to be going with old age. SeniorMoment.gif


I am trying to eat more brain food for my memory. LOL ws-41.gif

Well, I am going to finish watching Brothers and Sister. I love that show.