Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Prayer Request

My brother Wayne who was 65 years old died this morning. I really don't have anything else to say. Please send prayers.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Father's Day

I just wanted to do an entry tonight for Father's Day since I won't be able to do it tomorrow.

I lost my father quite awhile ago. I do miss him. When you have children and your parents have both passed away you always think of what wonderful grandparents they would have been.

My husband is working tomorrow so we will probably give him his gift when he comes home for lunch or after work.  My daughter and I are thinking of going out shopping tomorrow. We both got a little burnt today in the sun. We are both pretty tan and we thought that we wouldn't need any sunblock. We are both a little bronze color with a hint of red.  LOL

I know my daughter wishes that her father didn't have to work tomorrow but it is not his day off. He has been working so hard so we can have this beautiful home and all the necessary things a family needs. He went swimming  today with our daughter when he got home from work at 3pm. I was swimming since 11 am and by the time he came swimming I was burnt out already. I had to get out. They got to swim together and have a good time for a few hours. I am so happy for that.

Ok it is getting late and I am starting to fall asleep. I want to wish all the dad's out there a

Weigh In

I weighed in this morning and I lost one more pound. My total is 18 lbs gone. In the past I would have been upset with just losing 1 lb but I am a new woman. I understand that with my age that it is going to come off slowly. I am learning from all the wonderful ladies in j-land about making small goals for myself. I know I have said this before but I want to say it again, thank you ladies for being my inspiration. When I read your journals I know I can do it. I didn't get mad at myself this morning for having half of a glazed donut last night when I got so frustrated and mad and went downstairs to find something bad to eat. I am still learning about myself and my eating habits.

We have done nothing but swim like crazy the last few days. I am in my glory. I love the water since I am a Pisces girl. lol My daughter and I are so tan already. I am going to call my neighbor in a few minutes and ask if we can go swimming again today. He said he had a party to today and it is going to be about 94 degrees so I figured he won't care. I take his dog in the pool with us to keep him company whenever we go swimming in his pool.

Well, my daughter is behind me saying she needs to use the phone. I just want to wish Melissa at   Melissa's Motivation  good luck with the marathon. One day I hope to be able to join you in a run.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I have not had any energy for the past few days because Bambi has been sick with a cold. We went to the vet on Saturday because when you buy a animal from Petland you have to bring that animal to a vet within 4 days of buying it for the 1 year warranty to be fullfilled. When you have a puppy it is just like having a baby. I forgot about the sleepless nights. I called Petland and was going to bring Bambi back because I didn't want a sick animal. I went back and forth with the manager about it and we would lose 250.00 dollars. I told her that he has been sick since day one. Petland does cover all the vet expenses but I am just sick and tired of listening to this poor dog trying to struggle to breath. He is on medicine but he doesn't seem to be getting any better. He is eating and drinking and playing ok so I am not that worried. I have to take him back to the vet on Monday for a shot and check up on how he is doing. I was suppose to bring him back to Petland yesterday but we are already attached to Bambi and my daughter was crying when I got off the phone with this manager at Petland. It is so strange that she wanted this dog so much but I am doing all the work. I should have known. It was to good to be true. A mother work is never, ever done. LOL

I have been eating ok but I just don't have any energy to walk.

I was going to yesterday but I got busy making dips, pesto and dressings with my herbs. I made this great pesto with basil

and put it on whole wheat pasta. The recipe called for 2 cups of packed basil but I was only able to get 1 cup from my plant. It tasted pretty good. I also made this dill dip with my fresh dill. It turned out great. I changed the recipe to fat free cream cheese and reduced fat mayo. The last thing I made was lime cilantro dressing for my salads. I am going to try it today on my spinach salad. I dipped my finger in it and it tasted ok. I hope with it sitting over night that all the ingredients have blended together and it tastes better.

I have to go get our propane tanks filled today. I was using it on Sunday to make grilled vegetables with chipotle sauce. I bought Mrs. Dash Chipotle sauce because it has no salt. My vegetables were just about done when I noticed the grill went out. I always have a back up tank but forgot to fill it. The vegetables were just right and I put them on this Greek bread. I want to make more today that is why I have to run to get the tanks filled.

I am off. Talk to you all later.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Here we go again, another short entry. lol I forgot to let everyone know that I became legal on Friday. I passed the written test and also passed the driving test. I have been out driving all over. Well, it is time to go and take care of the new baby. He is a hand full. Have a great Sunday everyone. I may post more pictures of Bambi later.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weigh In

I weigh in at my home every Saturday and I am very, very happy to say that I lost another 4 lbs bringing my total to 17 lbs lost. I can't tell you all how much better I am starting to feel. I know I have a long road ahead of me but I feel that this is my time. I am so inspired by so many ladies in j-land that you all keep me going in the right direction. I want to thank you for that. Well, this is going to be another short entry because I have to take Bambi to the vet and my good friend just dropped his Chihuahua called Tiki over so I can baby-sit for a few hours. Have a wonderful Saturday. It is rainy and dreary here today. I think I might go rent some movies.  

Friday, June 9, 2006

My New Baby

Here is our newest addition to the family. His name is Bambi and he was born 3-27-06. He is a Chihuahua. I know I said I would never get this breed of dog but my daughter convinced my hubby and me so here he is. Ok I just wanted to do a short entry. Have a good evening everyone.   

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

A great day

I can't seem to fall asleep so I thought I would write about what a  really good day it was today. The weather was beautiful. My daughter and I decided to go to the mall.  She had some birthday money that she was ready to spend. I think we hit every store.  We went to  which is my daughters favorite. We also hit American Eagle, Rave, Wet Seal and then I got to go to Foot Locker to get some gym shoes. I bought 2 pair and I can't wait to wear them tomorrow.

Before we went to the mall we stopped at this place called Petland. My daughter wanted to look at dogs. She picked out this pocket size Chihuahua dog.

He was so cute. They wanted $1,300.00 for it. My daughter fell in love with it  but I told her no. He was really cute but I liked the Silky Terrier. I told her as soon as we come back from Tennessee we will seriously look for a dog, at the shelter or maybe find a breeder in the area. I told her it wouldn't be fair to get a dog 2 weeks before we leave on vacation.

We went swimming in our neighbor's pool after the mall.  We had a good time.

My feet and body are sore today. I want to go for a long walk tomorrow and then maybe more swimming. My neighbor doesn't mind if we use the pool because I take his dog for walks while he is at work.

I have been jumping on the scale lately and it is looking good. I want to wait until SAturday for my official weigh in. I need a few more days to see if it goes down anymore.

Wow, it is already 12 am and it is a new day. I have been writing that I had a good day today when I should be saying yesterday.  I typed into a new day. Does that mean it is 2 entries? lol

 I think it is time for me to get some sleep. My daughter is at a sleepover tonight and she also had her last Girl Scout meeting which they had at Haunted Trails. I bought the leader who is also my great neighbor a Eeyore mug and picture frame because she was so great to my daughter during the earning of all her badges and outtings. She came over tonight to thank me and stayed for about an hour talking.

 Well, sweet dreams everyone.

Monday, June 5, 2006

I had a really good day today. I walked for 40 minutes in the morning and then another 20 minutes in the late afternoon. My feet are hurting so bad. One day I hope to be able to jog. I need new gym shoes really bad. I buy expensive gym shoes because I am so overweight and I wear them all year. Last year I wanted to save money so I bought a pair at Sam's Club. They are Nike and they were $25.00 I am thinking of going to Lady Foot Locker tomorrow. My daughter also wants to take a run to the shelter to just look at dogs. I told her when we come back from Tennessee we will get a dog. I think we might go look anyway tomorrow.

 My husband hasn't had time to work on our pond yet. I think he might do it when I am in Tennessee. Today when he came home from work he put my radio/cd player under my kitchen counter. My mother in law gave it to us last year and I have been bugging him to put it up. It looks great. I know I will be listening to music when I am washing the dishes and cooking. If only I can talk him into putting a tv in the kitchen above the water cooler. Whenever I have to chop a bunch of vegetables and fruit I take the cutting board and everything into the front room so I can watch tv.

This is what I had to eat today:  I had oatmeal and banana for breakfast. Snack was low fat string cheese and an apple. Lunch was spinach salad and a chicken sandwich on low fat whole wheat bread. Snack was salsa and pretzels. Dinner was chicken with tomatoes, celery and tons of herbs over brown rice. I had about 56 ozs of water today. Oh I forgot I had strawberries and blueberries with fat free cool whip after dinner.

Well, this old girl is going to bed early.

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Thank you for the beautiful tag. D's Designs


My second entry of the day. I took a nap this afternoon so now I can't go to sleep. My daughter just called me from camp and she is having a great time. I really miss her today. My hubby and I just came in from the back deck. All of our neighbors were hanging out and talking. I love those kinds of evenings. It really started to get cool and my hubby wanted a steak on the grill so we decided to go inside.

I took a few pictures of my yard and house today. A few turned out blurry. Her is my pink rose bush. Here is my red rose bush. One day mine will look like this. My hubby wants to get rid of them but I said no way. They need a little work done on them.

 I am going to take a picture once a month of my garden so I can see the progress. On the left is my celery, in the middle are my tomatoes and to the left are my onions.

 We have more onions on the left, in the middle is the lettuce, cabbage and broccoli. My husband mulched manure and peat moss into the soil.

 I think I mentioned last year that our neighbor gave us carp bones and the head to put in our garden. He didn't go fishing this year so we are trying something different. We also used Miracle Grow.

We did plant some flowers but I haven't taken any pictures yet because they are just starting to come up. As soon as they are in bloom I will take pictures.

This is my hubby John weed wacking in front of the house. The trampoline takes up most of our front yard. It is so big. This is the front of our home.  I didn't plant any flowers in front because we have these green bushes that come up every year. I like hanging my plants from the front porch. On the right side of the porch I have a plant rack with all my house plants on it. You can't really see it. I need to take a close up.

I am getting a little tired so I am off to dreamland.

Quiet Weekends

It is going to be a very lazy and quiet weekend. My daughter just left for her Girl Scout campout.  I just know she is going to have a good time. I think she is going to earn a few more badges this weekend. She really had a hard time getting up this morning. We had a long day yesterday. My hubby didn't have to work so we decided to go into the city early and have lunch instead of dinner. We made it to our hair appointment on time. We didn't get home until about 9:30 and I told my daughter and her friend to get ready for bed. We had to be up by 6:30 am. My daughter came in my room last night. She was sleep walking so I just put her in bed with me. She woke up this morning and said how did I get here. lol

My daughter doesn't get home until tomorrow afternoon. I miss her already. The house is so quiet. My hubby is working until either 2:30 or 6:30. I think he only wants to work until 2:30 because today and tomorrow is our community's garage sales. Every year they have it. I was going to sell some things but I am not very organized when it comes to that kind of thing. I might do it next year because my daughter has not touched her Bratz dolls or barbies in a long time. I have a Rubbermaid container of just barbies. I think there are about 30 dolls in it.

I didn't get much sleep last night so I am probably going to take it easy today. It is a beautiful day. I have all the windows open. I might go out and take of few pictures of the garden and my rose bushes and put them in my journal later. I just don't seem to have any energy today. I bought these drinks called Boost but they taste pretty nasty. I have been drinking them though because I don't want to waste them. They do seem to give me some energy so I might go drink one now.

Have a fantastic weekend.