Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I have not had any energy for the past few days because Bambi has been sick with a cold. We went to the vet on Saturday because when you buy a animal from Petland you have to bring that animal to a vet within 4 days of buying it for the 1 year warranty to be fullfilled. When you have a puppy it is just like having a baby. I forgot about the sleepless nights. I called Petland and was going to bring Bambi back because I didn't want a sick animal. I went back and forth with the manager about it and we would lose 250.00 dollars. I told her that he has been sick since day one. Petland does cover all the vet expenses but I am just sick and tired of listening to this poor dog trying to struggle to breath. He is on medicine but he doesn't seem to be getting any better. He is eating and drinking and playing ok so I am not that worried. I have to take him back to the vet on Monday for a shot and check up on how he is doing. I was suppose to bring him back to Petland yesterday but we are already attached to Bambi and my daughter was crying when I got off the phone with this manager at Petland. It is so strange that she wanted this dog so much but I am doing all the work. I should have known. It was to good to be true. A mother work is never, ever done. LOL

I have been eating ok but I just don't have any energy to walk.

I was going to yesterday but I got busy making dips, pesto and dressings with my herbs. I made this great pesto with basil

and put it on whole wheat pasta. The recipe called for 2 cups of packed basil but I was only able to get 1 cup from my plant. It tasted pretty good. I also made this dill dip with my fresh dill. It turned out great. I changed the recipe to fat free cream cheese and reduced fat mayo. The last thing I made was lime cilantro dressing for my salads. I am going to try it today on my spinach salad. I dipped my finger in it and it tasted ok. I hope with it sitting over night that all the ingredients have blended together and it tastes better.

I have to go get our propane tanks filled today. I was using it on Sunday to make grilled vegetables with chipotle sauce. I bought Mrs. Dash Chipotle sauce because it has no salt. My vegetables were just about done when I noticed the grill went out. I always have a back up tank but forgot to fill it. The vegetables were just right and I put them on this Greek bread. I want to make more today that is why I have to run to get the tanks filled.

I am off. Talk to you all later.


jckfrstross said...

have a good day:)


garnett109 said...

They have to make all attemps to get that dog well , in pa. there is a lemon law on sickly pets. thats why I go to the shelter, if the dog is sick you can't get that dog till it's better. hope the little puppy gets better!

yakima127 said...

I bought our Chihuahua from a private breeder.  We had him to the vet before the first week was up because he had a cold, too!  So, I guess you don't get any more assurance from a store or a breeder; only difference is the breeder didn't try to accommodate us in any way.  She didn't even offer to take him back, although I would never have been able to hand our little guy back to her!  We just asked that she pay at least half of the vet bill.  She refused.  We paid $600.00 for him with no papers.  He is now a year old, and he is one of the coolest dogs I have ever known!  I think Bambi will be, too, if you can ever get him well...Jae

newmomtobe2001 said...

Hope bambi feels better soon! all your dips sound so yummy! love v

chat2missie said...

When we first got our cat Merlin, he got very sick the first two weeks with us.  Here it was our air conditioning.  He had to get used the inside temp.  After weeks on antibiotics he did well.  I do hope little Bambi gets well quick.

tkelliher617 said...

I hope Bambi gets better soon!  Love the pics!  You always make me hungry you make such good tasting things, can you come cook for me?  Please!!!!

sapphireslosing said...

A new meal I have recently come up with is that you take pesto and smear it on the bottom of a pan, then add chicken breast and then pesto on top, cover it with foil and cook til done, top with low fat mozerella cheese. I usually buy pesto already made though...classico makes a great one!  

Hope bambi gets better!

linnpooh said...

Awwwhhh poor little Bambi, I hope he starts feeling better soon. Your dips and such sounded heavenly and now I'm hungry at 1:00 a.m. in the morning!!! :)

Pooh Hugs,

ericanbiloxi said...

Lil Bambi looks like such a sweety....I hope Bambi get better real soon.
You have me a bit jealous with your herb talk...lol. I lost all my herbs this past week from some type of worm. I am having to start all over now! AAAHHHH!!!!!


newsworthy822 said...

sorry your puppy is a little under the weather. poor guy. Hope he feels better soon. Bambi sure is cute!
Your dips & things sound delicious. I love dill dip & usually get it from the grocery store deli. I am sure the kind I get is loaded in fat, but it's sooo good... I just have a little bit.

chseroo said...

Every time I read your journal, I get hungry! LOL


lifes2odd said...

Sounds like "the baby" has kennel cough. Petland (if it's the same as Petland here in Florida) is notorious for selling sick animals. I hope Bambi will get better soon.
The foods you have been making sound wonderful! Healthy too!! Martha :-)

dondieroy said...

I hope Bambi is feeling better.  He is so cute.  Love the picture.. Dondie