Monday, September 25, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

It has been a busy couple of days. Yesterday when my husband came home from work at 2:45 he decided he wanted to put the cornstalks and hay bails  on the front porch. I went out to supervisor and we moved them around until I liked how it looked. My digital camera is broke so I bought one of the disposable ones and when I take it in I have them put the pictures on a cd so I will take a picture of the porch.  I seen 2 big pumpkins that I wanted. They were only $2.99 a piece. I may go get them tomorrow at Cub Foods. I want to put 1 on each hay stack.  My hubby then decided he was going to cut the grass so I asked him if he wanted me to pick up all the black walnuts on the ground and he said yes. I decided to rake them and the leaves at the same time. I am so out of shape that after a few minutes I started sweating

and was out of breath. My daughter came and helped me big time. My hubby also came and helped. I was watching the football game and I kept taking a break to watch it. I go outside because I figured that we lost with only a few minutes left. My hubby goes inside and comes out and says the Bears won. I couldn't believe I missed the final play. No more racking for me. LOL  

This morning after I took my daughter to school I went to get a few groceries so I could make about 7 different meals/desserts. I went to the store looking for tahini. I didn't know what it was and I know I should have looked it up on the computer but I didn't. It is an ingredient to make hummus. I just love it. I sometimes buy the store bought kind but wanted to make it myself. I didn't find it. I come home and look it up and it is sesame seed paste. Duh!. I should have maybe asked someone at the store.

I only made 4 things today because when 1pm came along I was so tired. I made a peanut butter pie, barbecue pork in slow cooker, creamy cole slaw and baked rotini with Italian sausage. I wanted to make a carrot cake and raspberry cream cheese bars but ran out of steam. As you can see I like to cook. The only reason I cook so much at once is so I don't have to cook all week. With my hubby's hours I never know when he is coming home for lunch so he doesn't mind microwaving his meals.

I keep adding to my list of things to do tomorrow. I want to run to the bank and get a roll of quarters because I want to do all the bedding and pillows at the laundramat. My next washer is going to be a big one. I want to also slice about 50 to 100 jalapenos and put them in a vinegar water solution and put them in the refrigerator. They are suppose to last a long time. We will see.

 Well, 4:30 comes very fast. Have a good evening.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Testing to see if I can make graphics bigger...thanks Missie for suggestion


Thank you very much Missie. It worked. You rock.    




I found this on line and I wanted to share it with everyone. I just love it. It says it all about Fall. I hope you enjoy it.



The time of each year that snaps us awake.
Out of the doldrums of late summers bake.
The switch that is thrown, for trees, colors to make.
And families unite for activities sake.
The chill in the morn' being quiet refrain.
Warm afternoons have natures disdain.
The drone of the bess in its last search for nectar.
The squirrels stock their nests as winters protector.
The smell in the air of hot cider, and burnt leaves.
Makes us rejoice in the brilliance of the trees.
The tweak on your skin by a chill in the morning.
Is all you will get of a cold winters warning.
So enjoy the crips air, the colors, the feelings.
Of Autumns great show and its ex-cited dealings.
Reflect on this time, it is special and dear.
And oh so short to exist, as the best time of year.

 I have been sitting here looking for fall graphics and have decided to put them on some blank cd's so I will always have them.

Well, I better get back to snagging more graphics and to read the paper and the 2 books I got from the library.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Nights

Thanks Missie for my beautiful tag. 

Go  Bears. I haven't learned how to make them bigger. I went under my photobucket and resized it but it always turns out the same way. If anybody knows how to make them bigger can you please let me know. Thanks

The neighbor that I am driving talked to his lawyer and his court date is Oct. 2nd. His lawyer told him that he is looking at losing his license for 3 years. My neighbor hinted that I probably won't be around to drive him for 3 years. You got that right buddy. I can't imagine driving that far when the expressways get very icy and snowy. I want to set my mind and body into finding a full time job. I need to update my resume to my new address. I haven't done that yet. Well, enough about my neighbor and my problems.

My hubby is still not home from working at a side job. I dropped my daughter off at a sleepover birthday party. I don't have to pick her up until 11 am tomorrow. I am already getting sleepy. I guess my internal clock is telling me to go to sleep at 8. I don't want to go to sleep this early because then I will get up at 4:30.

I think this weekend I am just going to rent some movies and get the Sunday paper. I am thinking of maybe going to the library tomorrow and get a good book.  I haven't picked up a book in awhile now.   

Well, hubby just walked in and I want to spend a few minutes with him before he falls asleep on me. LOL

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fall Has Arrived!

Thanks Missie for this beautiful tag. Here is the link to her wonderful journal. Missie's Magical Creations

The weather here has been a little chilly. This morning I woke up to 43 degrees. When I let the dog out at 4:30 this morning I couldn't believe how cold it was. I brought in my plants that were on the back deck last night. I was afraid they might die from the cold. I had my cilantro, chives, dill and spider plants on the deck.

Another beautiful tag from Missie.

I am going on my fifth week of driving my neighbor. I put the price down to $100.00 a week since he is starting to make comments about the money. I just want to claify a comment that someone left in  my journal. I drive his car and he puts gas in it. It would not be worth it for me to drive my vehicle because it would cost about $50.00 every 2 days to drive him. I didn't want to use my vehicle because it is older and bigger. I think I might only be driving him for another week or so. He decided he wanted to get another roommate who could drive him to work and they could live at his place for free. I am not sure if it is going to work out but that is ok for me. I have not been able to go to any of my daughter's volleyball games and I am ready to stop driving him. 

Well, I have to get going. I have to leave in about an hour to drive all the way to his work and pick him up. I have only done this twice so far. Take Care everyone.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby

I just wanted to wish my hubby a happy 48th birthday. He had to work today. He was going to take the day off but decided to take off yesterday because his brother was having a Chicago Bears party in the forest preserves. We had a wonderful time. I am just going to make a pot roast with roasted potatoes and carrots. I already made some cupcakes so we can sing happy birthday. I am probably going to wait until my daughter gets home so she can help me frost the cupcakes and hang some streamers up.

I am still driving my neighbor to his work. I am going on my 4th week. He still doesn't have a court date so I will probably keep doing it until I find a full time job or until he says he can't afford me anymore. He has been hinting about it lately. I will wait until the end of this week and maybe just ask for half of what he is giving me now.

Well, time for me to go. I will try to get caught up on everyone's journals very soon. I miss reading them.