Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fall Has Arrived!

Thanks Missie for this beautiful tag. Here is the link to her wonderful journal. Missie's Magical Creations

The weather here has been a little chilly. This morning I woke up to 43 degrees. When I let the dog out at 4:30 this morning I couldn't believe how cold it was. I brought in my plants that were on the back deck last night. I was afraid they might die from the cold. I had my cilantro, chives, dill and spider plants on the deck.

Another beautiful tag from Missie.

I am going on my fifth week of driving my neighbor. I put the price down to $100.00 a week since he is starting to make comments about the money. I just want to claify a comment that someone left in  my journal. I drive his car and he puts gas in it. It would not be worth it for me to drive my vehicle because it would cost about $50.00 every 2 days to drive him. I didn't want to use my vehicle because it is older and bigger. I think I might only be driving him for another week or so. He decided he wanted to get another roommate who could drive him to work and they could live at his place for free. I am not sure if it is going to work out but that is ok for me. I have not been able to go to any of my daughter's volleyball games and I am ready to stop driving him. 

Well, I have to get going. I have to leave in about an hour to drive all the way to his work and pick him up. I have only done this twice so far. Take Care everyone.


emabecmar said...

didn't know it was his car and gas. glad you clarified that. i think the 100.00 is fine for your time, but hopefully you get your time back to go to your kids games. I'm hoping my Rebecca is interested in either soccer or volleyball when she goes to school. i would love to be a mom who gets to go to her childs games.  have a nice day. ((((hugs))))

mumma4evr said...

Some times it is so hard to help others out!

jckfrstross said...

that is not bad 100 dollars he needs a ride so he should just suck it up or find someone else:) have a good week


garnett109 said...

now you are officially a taxi cab driver lol!

trishaham said...

You have gone more then out of your way for this nieghbor. I hope he appreciates all that you have had to give up to accomedate his schedule. It sounds like the roommate idea wil benifit all.

Your weather sounds like ours. Though it was a beautiful fall weather day here in southern Maine today. but the nights are getting much cooler. The leaves on my property are already falling. I need to get the leaf blower out again.

Have a wonderful night with your family.

draya4444 said...

Hey girl,
I Loved your last entry.
The colors, and graphics are great.

Sorry top hear that your new job is coming to
an end.

I've been thinking about you alot lately.
Hope you can feel it, because it's all good.

I hope we can have a good talk soon.
And thank you so much for your e-mails.
I try to send you the little I get, because what I usually get
you get the same people sending it to you.

Well have a nice day!!

tkelliher617 said...

Hey, loved your graphics!  I still think you are too nice, what a good neighbor!  Love the emails keep them coming.

linnpooh said...

The weather has been cool here too and I LOVE it!!!! Sounds like things have been going well for you....soon you will be done with the driving and you can sleep in again. :)

Pooh Hugs,

chat2missie said...

Wish everyone had neighbors like you!

jadejonez04 said...

Well I think your daughter is more important, sounds like this guy doesn't appreciate you anyhow.  HUGS

newsworthy822 said...

glad to hear you will soon be done driving your neighbor. I am sure that's a big obligation. It's cold here, too...I think it got down to 35 last night! wow, the mornings are frosty!!

newmomtobe2001 said...

Happy Fall! love v

lifes2odd said...

Hope all works out for the best. Happy fall to you too and have a great weekend! Martha :-)