Sunday, April 30, 2006

Thinking Positive

Ok today is the last day of April. April showers can now go away. lol It has been a miserable 2 days. Nothing but rain, wind and cold. The weather channel is saying 3 more days of rain. Oh, what are you going to do. I guess just enjoy all the flowers that have been blooming from all the rain. If I can go outside.

I was just looking up high fiber foods. I have already gotten in 17 grams. The last 2 days I have been eatting good. I just had a spinach salad with garbanzo beans and a turkey sandwich. I am going to have to try and give up lunchmeat. I have noticed that it has tons of sodium it in. Baby steps for me. One day at a time.        

I want to thank everyone for leaving such great comments in my last entry. I need all the support and advice I can get. Thanks again.

My daughter and her friend just asked if they can have something to eat. I made meatballs and sauce yesterday and now I am going to go downstairs and make the angel hair pasta to go with it. I was going to post more but you know when kids are hungry. lol

Friday, April 28, 2006

Health Decisions

My husband and I both decided tonight to start getting into shape and eating right. Every morning at 4am, (I know way to early) we are going to start walking. I told him I have to take baby steps since I haven't been in shape since I was in my 20's. After we walk tomorrow we are going to come home have some coffee, shower and head out to the grocery store. We went to the bank today but he didn't want to go grocery shopping. He had to work today so he was pretty tired. We went to Blockbuster and got 2 movies. The one I rented was called Just Friends. I think I remember Melissa over at   Melissa's Motivation mentioning she saw it and it was very funny. My hubby got some shoot em up kind of movie. I was going to watch it tonight but since we are getting up so early I think I will head to bed soon. My daughter is still not home from the show so I will probably wait until she gets home.

I am feeling really good and positive about getting into shape and losing all this weight. I know it is going to take me a few years but I feel like I am ready and with my husband by my side I know I can do it. My hubby only needs to lose about 20 lbs. He is pretty fit. He always seems to gain over the winter and then get back down to his 185 lbs by summer.


You may be seeing a lot of exercising graphics so I can keep myself motivated. I also have a lot of wonderful journals out there to keep me on my toes. From Fat 2 Phat.

Linda's Thotful Spot /Weight Loss Journey, Melissa's Motivation, Tightening the corset,

My Life Change and Weight Loss Journey aka my DIET!!!. These are 5 of the most inspiring weight loss journals I have come to love and I know in the coming weeks and months they are really going to help with my journey into getting healthier. I may even read their earlier entries to see how they started out.

If there is any advice for someone who is just starting out please let me know. I need all the advice I can get.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just let me say that yesterday and last night it was freezing. It only got up to 36 but that was with the wind chill. Last night it got down to 27 degrees. I tried to put the heat on yesterday but couldn't get it started. I tried about 6 times. I could not get warm at all yesterday. Today it is up to 58 and the sun feels good. I was just outside on the back deck reading my magazine.

I am really not doing to much today. I am almost through with laundry. I did 5 loads. At one point I was doing one load a day to keep up. I have decided to let it go for awhile. I get sick of doing it every day.

I called about  my license on Friday and they said I have to pay a 70 dollar reinstatement fee. They said they destroyed my old license. I also have to take the written test over. I hope I can remember everything. My husband asked me what orange meant and I said caution. I answered to fast because I know that it is construction. I better go get the book. LOL

I hope everyone is having a good day. I am off to make something to eat for my daughter who gets home from school in about an hour.

Monday, April 24, 2006

I want to give thanks to D's Design for making this graphic. It is so beautiful. I tried to resize it to make it bigger but it didn't come out. I have to learn how to do that and also I tried putting in a Weather Pixie that Susan from the Strawberry Patch turned me on to but it is still stuck on the weather from last night. I guess you can't copy and paste those.

I have been a busy bee this morning and this afternoon. My husband came home for lunch and he finished off the oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn so now I am making chicken cacciatore. I am pretty sure my husband doesn't like it because of the tomatoes but he can eat everything else.

My husband went and picked up the pond we want to put in the backyard. My sister in law had it at her summer trailer so he went to pick it up. I wanted the big one but he decided on the smaller one. He wants to add beautiful rocks around it so it looks more manmade. We have to buy the pump and all the other equipment for it. It may take awhile for him to do it but when it is done I will take a picture. I can't wait because I just love the sound of running water on rocks.

Well, I am off to finish putting all the sheets and pillow cases back on the beds.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Here I sit all by myself. My hubby decided to go into work. They called him last night to start at 6 am. I heard him tell them that he was going to work until 2:30 pm. I hope he has the energy to drive me to the bank, groceries and my daughter needs new flip flops.

I went to plant the flowers yesterday and realized that they weren't tulips. I called my mother in law but she wasn't home. She called me at 8 pm and I asked her about the flowers. She told me they were Cannons. I do remember her garden and they are these big flowers so I can't plant them in my window planters. I guess I am just going to plant them in the ground. I am not sure if I am going to do it or have hubby do it. I have a hard time on my knees so we will see.

Today it is kind of cloudy and gloomy. I am just sitting her watching Oprah. I have to jump in the shower in a few minutes.

I can't believe this morning my phone rang 5 times. We used to get up at 7 am but my daughter likes to sleep until 7:30 so I sleep until then also. The first one was from my neighbor who takes my daughter to school. She said she forgot to tell me but she had a eye dr. appt. at 7:45. I told her that is no problem that my daughter would walk. We are only about 4 big blocks away. It is funny when I tell her that I walked back and forth to school everyday in rain, sleet, snow and everything in between. lol

 I think I will go get another cup of coffee. I feel like I need one more to get my mojo going.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I don't have much going on today. Just wrote out some bills this morning and did a load of laundry. I hope my hubby has 2 days off starting tomorrow because we have so many projects to do around the house and I need his help. I couldn't start the power washer the other day to do the fence. I always have a hard time with it because you have to have a kind of flick in your wrist when you pull it, just like the lawnmower. I can never start it.


My neighbor who is my daughters Girl Scout leader asked if I could help her with a meeting last night and I said yes. Her other leader had to quit because she is having some personal problems. I had such a great time. We couldn't get into the school where she has it so we decided to do it outside in the park. It was a beautiful night. We learned about asthma. The girls earned their asthma/health patch. My daughter also got 4 more patches. One being since she sold girl scout cookies. My daughter has so many things coming up with girl scouts. Next Saturday she is going to build a bear. That sounds like so much fun. She is a little older than the girls because she joined as an independent. They are also going a camp sleepover the first weekend in June.


My mother in law gave me all these garden and bird books a few months back and I just started to look at them and I came across this poem I would like to share with all of you.


                       Not Enough Of Spring

There's much too much of winter

       And not enough of spring.

To see and smell and hear and touch

      All the beauty that she brings.

It's true she has a 3-month lease

     Like all the other seasons,

But always leaves us wanting more

 For two very well-known reasons;

Winter won't move out on time;

  Instead, he want to stay,

And spring is just too gentle

   To send him on his way.

And summer's much too eager

   to make the world her own;

Arriving soomer than she should,

  She won't leave spring along.

I guess we'll have to be content

 With too few lovely balmy days

  And treasure all the memories

Of spring's warm and winning ways.


I just thought it is so true and beautiful.        

Well, I am off to plant some tulips in my window planter. My mother in law put a bunch in a bag and I haven't look at them yet. I know one bag of them is orange.  



Have a smiley day.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Today is going to be a good day. I woke up this morning and have all of this energy. I am going to go crazy in the house and really clean.

I am so happy because my wonderful neighbor fixed my digital camera. He is such a smart guy. I don't know what we would do without him.

Here are the pictures of my vegetables I started from seeds.


These are my cucumbers.

These are my carrots and bell peppers.

My basil herb plant I started last spring. I think I need to make a basil pesto to start using it up. I tried to dry it but it got all moldy.

Here is the flower bush in front of my porch. It was there when we moved in.

I am off to start my cleaning.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Construction, construction and more construction

Ever since I moved here the last 2 spring and summers have been nothing but construction. Yes, I know improvements to your community are great but come on already. Our police force resides in a trailer right now. They are building the new station this year. The trucks were behind our garage this morning. They are going to put grass down in half the alley and who knows what they are going to do to the rest of the alley. It is sort of an alley. Our garage is the only garage that goes through. Nobody else will use it because there is a pole at the end of the alley so you really can't drive through it unless you go onto someone elses driveway.

The weather here yesterday was so crappy. Severe storms and tornadoe warning all day. My husband and daughter went to my mother in laws house. I really wasn't in the mood.

I seen these cute graphics the other day. It reminded me of when I was a kid and your mother used to say things like this:


Those are just some of the things I learned from my mother.

Well, my daughter and her friend are hanging over me because they want to use the phone and I don't have 2 phone lines. I may have to get 2 if this keeps up.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


I figure by the time I am through typing this entry it will be Easter.

I was making my daughter french toast for dinner and she said since there are only 5 eggs left why don't we decorate them tomorrow.  I can't keep up with my kid. One day its no and the next day it is yes. It must be a hormonal thing. lol

My husbands work just called and he is starting at 2 am. I asked him if he is going to his mothers house tomorrow and he said he did not know. They are eating at 1pm and he doesn't get off until 2:30. It is an hour drive so we probably won't be there until 4. I told him the other day I really didn't feel like going. I really should go since it is the last Easter my mother in law is doing. We are also celebrating my nieces 3rd birthday and I think my other niece is bringing the new baby. 


Since my daughter didn't want an Easter basket I told her if she wanted to download some songs on her Ipod that she could. It seems strange not to have an Easter basket for her because we would always side it in the morning and she would love to look for it. Maybe I just should have bought her one.

This will be the first year with no chocolate bunnies.It least I won't split my pants from eating all the bunnies. lol  I know if she goes to Grandmas house tomorrow that she will get some.

Our garage looks totally spotless. My husband moved everything around. He got a standup freezer from a moving side job and I like it alot better than the deep freezer. I have a hard time reaching all the way at the bottom so I think I will move all the food from the deep freezer into the stand up. I think we will get rid of the deep freezer or give it to a family member if they want it.

I was so tired at 10 but my girlfriend called and wanted to talk and so we talked for 45 minutes until I told her my eyes were closing so we hung up. I must have gotten my second wind since my husbands work called. My daughter is in my bed watching Roseanne. She is not sleeping with my tonight. I need a good nights sleep.


I have so many great Easter graphics that I found and that some friends have sent to me. I am trying to use all of them.  LOL

My husband and I talked about going to the nursery in the next few weeks. I told him lets forget about flowers and just plant a bunch of vegetables. I think he is going to agree with me. We want to try so many different things and we are going to need more space.


Maybe if I go to the store on Monday I can get a really good deal on some jellybeans. I love those different favored ones.  The ones that taste like peanut butter, jelly, pina colada. I think they are called gourmet jellybeans. Those are the best.

I only have 5 more minutes and it will officially be Easter.

I know I am rambling on and on but just trying to pass the time. lol

I just want to wish everyone in J-land a very Happy Easter.