Thursday, April 13, 2006

I can't believe I just lost a whole entry. This is about the 5th time that has happened. AOL .....

Ok I will start again, the floors can wait. lol

It is turning out to be another glorious day in Illinois.

Last night we were walking around talking with the neighbors and were looking at the trees that are planting this morning. The tree is front of our house is a Serviceberry. I can't wait to see it fully matured. It will be nice to watch it change throughout the years. That's if we stay here that long.

After my husband gets off of work we have to run to the bank and maybe get a few groceries. My daughter is having 2 of her friends sleepover tonight. They are coming straight after school. We told the girls that we would take them to get their pjs later. Today is the last day of school until Tuesday. I can't believe how fast the school year is ending. For me that is a good thing because I don't have to look at anymore school buses.


For some of you new readers I had my license suspended because I went passed a school bus. I was on my way to the hospital and I wasn't paying attention. When I lived in Chicago I used to see cars going passed the buses on the other side of the street so I thought it was ok. That is a true story. I had to pay 150.00 and they suspended my license for 90 days. I wish I just could have paid the $500.00 and not have lost my license. I went to court to put a motion in be able to drive but they told me no and that was that. What's done is done. 34 more days and I can drive.  

Time sure is flying today. I am off to wash the 3 bathroom floors on my hands and knees, hopefully I will be able to get back up. Help, I have fallen and I can't get up. LOL I bought these great pads for when you are gardening but I love using them to kneel when I am washing the floors.

I was going to get a piece of candy but decided that the scale is not going to go down if I keep eating candy. 



njmom72 said...

Hi hun! LOVE that graphic of the little girl licking the chocolate bunny! Sorry to hear about your license hun.

~ Susan

jusmeinia7 said...

Yes isn't the weather just fabuolus today..86 here!   That really sucks not being able to drive for all that time,   I bet your counting down the days!  lol  Thats a pretty stiff fine!!  You do floors like I do,  it's hard but it's the only way to get them really clean.  

kilroythedog47 said...