Thursday, April 20, 2006

I don't have much going on today. Just wrote out some bills this morning and did a load of laundry. I hope my hubby has 2 days off starting tomorrow because we have so many projects to do around the house and I need his help. I couldn't start the power washer the other day to do the fence. I always have a hard time with it because you have to have a kind of flick in your wrist when you pull it, just like the lawnmower. I can never start it.


My neighbor who is my daughters Girl Scout leader asked if I could help her with a meeting last night and I said yes. Her other leader had to quit because she is having some personal problems. I had such a great time. We couldn't get into the school where she has it so we decided to do it outside in the park. It was a beautiful night. We learned about asthma. The girls earned their asthma/health patch. My daughter also got 4 more patches. One being since she sold girl scout cookies. My daughter has so many things coming up with girl scouts. Next Saturday she is going to build a bear. That sounds like so much fun. She is a little older than the girls because she joined as an independent. They are also going a camp sleepover the first weekend in June.


My mother in law gave me all these garden and bird books a few months back and I just started to look at them and I came across this poem I would like to share with all of you.


                       Not Enough Of Spring

There's much too much of winter

       And not enough of spring.

To see and smell and hear and touch

      All the beauty that she brings.

It's true she has a 3-month lease

     Like all the other seasons,

But always leaves us wanting more

 For two very well-known reasons;

Winter won't move out on time;

  Instead, he want to stay,

And spring is just too gentle

   To send him on his way.

And summer's much too eager

   to make the world her own;

Arriving soomer than she should,

  She won't leave spring along.

I guess we'll have to be content

 With too few lovely balmy days

  And treasure all the memories

Of spring's warm and winning ways.


I just thought it is so true and beautiful.        

Well, I am off to plant some tulips in my window planter. My mother in law put a bunch in a bag and I haven't look at them yet. I know one bag of them is orange.  



Have a smiley day.


jckfrstross said...

sounds like you will be buzy for a while:)


jusmeinia7 said...

I love that poem,  and it is so true.