Wednesday, April 5, 2006

I just woke up a little while ago. I first got up at 7:20 to wake my daughter up and then fell back asleep. She has an early release day today. She gets out at 11:30. I think I will have her help me around the house a bit. When it starts getting this beautiful out I know all she wants to do is go bike riding and to play in the park with her friends. I don't blame her.

It is going to be around 61 degrees. Right now it is 52.

My husband just came home for lunch. I don't know if I mentioned it but his job is only 5 minutes away. He works for BNSF (Burlington Norther Santa Fe)

 He is a spotter. He loves how close his work is. He used to be a cable guy and do sattelite. He would travel all over. I think he was spending like 100 dollars a week on gas. If not more. They have build to Wal-Mart warehouses a few blocks from here so as soon as they start taking applications I am going to go apply. Can you believe I will be able to walk to work. I love it. I really don't like that they built them in my small town but I guess sometimes change is good. If the traffic starts getting crazy I know we will probably move a little farther away. When my daughter goes into 8th grade we will probably move because we really don't like the high school that she has to go to. I will be looking into the different options regarding her schooling. I am hoping I can send her to this one school and pay out of district fees. I will also look into that.

43 more days and I can drive, but whos counting. 

Time for me to make some phone calls to our new health insurance company. We haven't received our new cards yet.  


jusmeinia7 said...

Yeah for the warm day!!  Were at 68,  first time since last fall,  feels great.  It would be a perfect day for the park, or anything outside.  Thas a real bonus living so close to work,  no commute=no gas used!

jckfrstross said...

Its 75 here today whew too hot lol have a good hump day


mumma4evr said...

we had snow this morning.....can't beleive it!

fisherkristina said...

Sorry it will be so long before you can drive again.


njmom72 said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting my journal recently and for leaving such a lovely comment. I've added your journal to my alerts and have also linked it on my journal. I'll visit again soon, have a great weekend! :-)

~ Susan

linnpooh said...

How neat that your daughter got out early today.....hoped she enjoyed it :)
I'm praying that your days until you drive again will pass quickly.....45 and counting! Enjoy your weekend.

Pooh Hugs,