Saturday, April 15, 2006

Becoming a Woman

My daughter has been complaining that her stomach has been bothering her for the past 2 nights. When she rolled out of bed at noon today she discovered that she started her period. She will be 12 in June. I was hoping that she wouldn't get it until she was 13. I am trying to keep her my baby as long as possible.  

My husband had the day off today. He has been in the garage since 10 am. He is really getting rid of all the clutter. We stopped a few times to talk with the neighbors and to sit on the back deck.

I might start the grill in a few minutes and throw some hamburgers and hot dogs on.  

Everyone have an enjoyable Saturday. Will probably post more later. I don't want to miss anymore of this beautiful day.


jckfrstross said...

enjoy your day


mumma4evr said...

awww....your baby is growing up!!!

ericanbiloxi said...

What a way to wake up! lol at least it did not happen at horrible that would of been. I know my Lindsay is scared to death that she will get her period at school and so we buy panty liners in bulk.....better to be prepaired!
Have a nice cookout.


lifes2odd said...

Hope you enjoyed the day! To your daughter -- welcome to womanhood! Martha :-)

newsworthy822 said...

congrats to your daughter! she and hailey got it at almost the same time!!
It seems so soon, but I guess they are getting to that age! Hope you had fun grilling. Have a wonderful Easter.

jusmeinia7 said...

And so it all begins...and at such a young age.  It seems kids are maturing sooner then we (I) did.  She's got such a good Mom to explain it all,  I have a son who is almost 13,  now thats difficult for me..what he's going thru I havn't been thru,  so it's hard to relate to some things.         Have a wonderful Easter!!!