Saturday, April 15, 2006


I figure by the time I am through typing this entry it will be Easter.

I was making my daughter french toast for dinner and she said since there are only 5 eggs left why don't we decorate them tomorrow.  I can't keep up with my kid. One day its no and the next day it is yes. It must be a hormonal thing. lol

My husbands work just called and he is starting at 2 am. I asked him if he is going to his mothers house tomorrow and he said he did not know. They are eating at 1pm and he doesn't get off until 2:30. It is an hour drive so we probably won't be there until 4. I told him the other day I really didn't feel like going. I really should go since it is the last Easter my mother in law is doing. We are also celebrating my nieces 3rd birthday and I think my other niece is bringing the new baby. 


Since my daughter didn't want an Easter basket I told her if she wanted to download some songs on her Ipod that she could. It seems strange not to have an Easter basket for her because we would always side it in the morning and she would love to look for it. Maybe I just should have bought her one.

This will be the first year with no chocolate bunnies.It least I won't split my pants from eating all the bunnies. lol  I know if she goes to Grandmas house tomorrow that she will get some.

Our garage looks totally spotless. My husband moved everything around. He got a standup freezer from a moving side job and I like it alot better than the deep freezer. I have a hard time reaching all the way at the bottom so I think I will move all the food from the deep freezer into the stand up. I think we will get rid of the deep freezer or give it to a family member if they want it.

I was so tired at 10 but my girlfriend called and wanted to talk and so we talked for 45 minutes until I told her my eyes were closing so we hung up. I must have gotten my second wind since my husbands work called. My daughter is in my bed watching Roseanne. She is not sleeping with my tonight. I need a good nights sleep.


I have so many great Easter graphics that I found and that some friends have sent to me. I am trying to use all of them.  LOL

My husband and I talked about going to the nursery in the next few weeks. I told him lets forget about flowers and just plant a bunch of vegetables. I think he is going to agree with me. We want to try so many different things and we are going to need more space.


Maybe if I go to the store on Monday I can get a really good deal on some jellybeans. I love those different favored ones.  The ones that taste like peanut butter, jelly, pina colada. I think they are called gourmet jellybeans. Those are the best.

I only have 5 more minutes and it will officially be Easter.

I know I am rambling on and on but just trying to pass the time. lol

I just want to wish everyone in J-land a very Happy Easter.



jckfrstross said...

Happy Easter:)


lifes2odd said...

Cute graphics. Hoppy Easter! Martha :-)

cafeteome said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal! My kids (all 4 of 'em!) still love their Easter baskets....and their stockings at Christmas. They're going be disappointed this year because I didn't go all out. They each got a box of candy, some Peeps, little Lindt chocloate bunnies and a box of malted milk eggs. Anyway, HAPPY EASTER TO YOU! Sharon

ericanbiloxi said...

Happy Easter to your family too.
I just love those gourmet jelly beans....the butter popcorn and toasted marshmallow is my favorite!
How I would love to do a big ass veggie garden, but will settle for my herbs and a lil cucumber vine and maybe a tomato plant or two, oh! and some bell peppers....LMFAO oh well!
I can not believe your daughter did not want an Easter basket....has to be the hormones! hehehehe I will always get the girls baskets(I stopped getting one way to my opinion!)Scott does not understand how I am with all the holiday stuff, but when you grew up and it was not really celebrated too much and you enjoy the celebrations, well ya end up being like me and going over board with your own children.....that is ok, I just love them oh so much!!


newsworthy822 said...

daughters are funny at the age of almost 12. Hailey still wanted an Easter basket, and still wanted to search for it, but later in the day got very moody because she thought her grandpa called her fat. He didn't, but she was convinced in her mind that it happened. Sooo I had to put out that little fire!
Planting vegs sounds fun. we are going to build a deck this spring & do some landscaping. I am looking forward to it.
Have a great week!