Friday, April 28, 2006

Health Decisions

My husband and I both decided tonight to start getting into shape and eating right. Every morning at 4am, (I know way to early) we are going to start walking. I told him I have to take baby steps since I haven't been in shape since I was in my 20's. After we walk tomorrow we are going to come home have some coffee, shower and head out to the grocery store. We went to the bank today but he didn't want to go grocery shopping. He had to work today so he was pretty tired. We went to Blockbuster and got 2 movies. The one I rented was called Just Friends. I think I remember Melissa over at   Melissa's Motivation mentioning she saw it and it was very funny. My hubby got some shoot em up kind of movie. I was going to watch it tonight but since we are getting up so early I think I will head to bed soon. My daughter is still not home from the show so I will probably wait until she gets home.

I am feeling really good and positive about getting into shape and losing all this weight. I know it is going to take me a few years but I feel like I am ready and with my husband by my side I know I can do it. My hubby only needs to lose about 20 lbs. He is pretty fit. He always seems to gain over the winter and then get back down to his 185 lbs by summer.


You may be seeing a lot of exercising graphics so I can keep myself motivated. I also have a lot of wonderful journals out there to keep me on my toes. From Fat 2 Phat.

Linda's Thotful Spot /Weight Loss Journey, Melissa's Motivation, Tightening the corset,

My Life Change and Weight Loss Journey aka my DIET!!!. These are 5 of the most inspiring weight loss journals I have come to love and I know in the coming weeks and months they are really going to help with my journey into getting healthier. I may even read their earlier entries to see how they started out.

If there is any advice for someone who is just starting out please let me know. I need all the advice I can get.


lifes2odd said...

Good for you! Deciding to start is sometimes the hardest part! Good luck! Martha :-)

ericanbiloxi said...

It was me who said that movie was hillarious.....gonna go buy it!
Good Luch to you and the sweetie on your decision to start a healthier life....the fact that you are doing it together and making plans together lets me know that you are gonna do great...both of ya! I will be here cheering you on girly!!!!!!


jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend


chat2missie said...

Thanks for visiting my journal.  Getting yourself into shape is such a hard thing to do.  I've been working on it for years!  I love your journal.  I'll be adding you to my alerts.

derasta said...

That is great that you are going to start walking, and by eating right you'll see the pounds just fall off of you....just keep thinking positive! I'm excited for you!!

cjitsallaboutme said...

Thanks for Reading my journal and posting it here. I will add you to my links if you would like.... Right now the only advice I can give is no matter how many times you slip.. Never give up. I may have gained 50 pounds this past year but, I never gave up completely. I continued to go to the gym at least 2-3 times a week. You can do it!! We all can!! Big Hugs...Carol
Ps. Just Friends is soooo funny and I love Ryan Reynolds...

linnpooh said...

Good for you Detje Bea!! I'm so proud of you for making the commitment to get are so worth it! My best words of wisdom are to take it one day at a time, be kind to yourself and stay positive I will be of any help that I can to you and will be right here cheering you on to victory!!! :)

Pooh Hugs,

ecco69 said...

I am also a 4:30 am exerciser..... (crazy huh) but you will feel so much better and who cares that you go to bed earlier.  I am sleeping by 9 pm. Good luck and DON'T give up

newsworthy822 said...

That is great that you are going to start walking!! Once you start, you will be addicted, and that is a good thing! Thanks for mentioning my journal in your entry. I appreciate it!!
Hope you had a good weekend.