Saturday, April 8, 2006

How is everyone doing this fine Saturday afternoon? I woke up this morning and I was freezing. It got down to 29 degrees last night. I forgot to turn the heat up before I went to bed. The phone rang at 5:30 this morning and it was my husbands work calling to see if he wanted to work today. His days off are Friday and Saturday. He worked yesterday and when my husband asked if they needed him tomorrow they said no that you can't work 7 days straight and if you did then you would have to take 2 days off. Well, my husband didn't want to take off 2 days. So, when they called this morning my husband mentioned that conversation to the supervisor and he said don't worry about it that they are so busy that they need him now. He has been working so hard. I can't wait to get a job so he can take his 2 days off.

My daughter and her friends went to an Easter egg hunt

at the school today but they are too old. It only goes up to 10 year olds. They took her girlfriends brother who is only 4 years old My daughter got to go last year. We had a blast. They did it in age groups so the smaller kids wouldn't get hurt. I wish they would do it up to 12 years old. I think that age still likes to do things like that. I know my daughter does and she won't be 12 until June.

My mother in law called about having Easter dinner at her house. I told her that Johnny is working until 2:30. She is having dinner at 1. I told her that Johnny still wants to go but he probably won't be there until 4. It is about an hour drive to her house. I am not sure if I am going to go because it hurts for me to sit to long with the way my leg and butt have been hurting. Today it didn't feel too bad because I was off of it for about 2 days and was sleeping a lot because of the pain. I love going to her house on Easter. She has a pinata for the kids and it is so much fun. She said this is probably going to be the last year she is going to have it. There are about 27 of us. We also are expecting 3 more babies this year so I know it is getting to be way to much for my mother in law. She is going to be 71 this year. I think my niece wants to take over Easter dinner.

My sister's town got hit by tornados. Yesterday when I called her she said she heard the hospital also got hit. She said her part of town was ok. I haven't called her today but I did notice on the weather channel that it looks like the same area got hit. I really hate how tornados devastate homes and peoples lives. It looks like the are heading for Georgia and South and North Carolina. I know that this is just the beginning of the season.

I am off to finish laundry and maybe start dinner. Not to sure what I want to make. I made oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn yesterday. Leftovers sound good to me. I am probably going to cook a turkey I took out of the deep freezer tomorrow. I checked it and it still feels kind of frozen. Will see tomorrow. Everyone  have a great Saturday evening and a beautiful blessed Sunday.


jusmeinia7 said...

Was cold here this morning too,   but warmed up very nicely by afternoon.  Hope you can make it to Easter dinner, since this may be the last one.  Sounds like fun with the Pinata.  The tornados were devastaing there,  something we have to look out for around here this time of year.  Yumm...the chicken dinner you made sounds sooo good,  always good as leftovers too.    Have a wonderful Sunday!

jckfrstross said...

Hope you have a great Sunday:) dinner last night sounded yummy


njmom72 said...

It was actually hot here last night, which was a bit surprising. My kids went on a Easter egg hunt today, too. Have a great weekend! :-)

~ Susan

sparklnsapphire said...

It was chilly here too today...we even had brief snow flurries! I hate tornados. When I lived in Colorado they were always a fear! Hope you have a great Sunday!

ericanbiloxi said...

Easter Egg Hunts are always soooo much fun, no matter what age we are! We always do a hunt for the lil ones then for the older group, then let the two groups hide eggs for us "seniors" lol now that is a sight to see! Big asses a bouncing and tits swinging everywhere......I am the one who will knock ya down and rob your basket too! Can't wait till Easter!
Glad to hear that your sis did not get hurt during the tornados....I saw the news and it looked horrible.
That Turkey is sounding good....being this is Sunday that I am finally getting to journals and the weather is cool and breezy I might just do a good sit down dinner too.


fisherkristina said...

Oh my goodness!!! 29 degrees!  It is colder there than here in PA!