Friday, April 14, 2006

The weather here all day has been so intense. I must have opened and closed the windows at least 5 times. The last time my daughter ran down the stairs and there was a puddle in the dining room bay window. The sun would come out and then another major storm. 

It got up to 80 today and was humid.

My daughters sleepover went pretty good.  My daughter got up and said they couldn't sleep because it was hot in the room. I gave her my fan because I sleep with a fan on all year round. We have ceiling fans in every room except my daughters. Even though I have a ceiling fan in the master bedroom I like the sound of the other fan. I knew I would have a hard time sleeping without my fan. I got up at 3 am to get a Tums and my husband asked what was wrong and I said I couldn't sleep with my fan. He got up and went into the garage and into the crawl space and get the 2 other fans. He is my hero. As soon as I fell asleep my daughter woke me up and said she was scared and that her stomach hurt her. The girls decide to get 2 scary movies from the video store. I don't know why I let them but they begged me. One was named The Fog and the other Saw II. I went through my scary movie phase with my niece when I was in my late teens and early twenty. I have no desire to watch those kinds of movies anymore. My husband and I rented 2 movies. We watched Fun with Dickand Jane. Some of it was so funny. Hubby fell asleep right before the end. I went upstairs and watched Brokeback Mountain. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with this movie. I could take it or leave it. I liked the actors in this movie but nothing special about it.

My daughters and her friends went into the garage and were dressed up like Hawaiian girls. My daughter birthday party last year was Hawaiian luau. They looked so cute. I wish my digital camera was working so I could take their picture. 

Daughter did not seem like she wanted to decorate eggs today.  I might be able to convince her tomorrow.

My hubby is going on working his 13th day straight. They called him at 5:30 this morning. He went in at 6 and worked until 2:30.   I hope he takes off tomorrow. He needs at least one day of relaxation.

Well, I am off to take a nice cool shower. It is still pretty sticky here.



jckfrstross said...

Happy Easter:)


jusmeinia7 said...

Glad you made it thro the bad strorms,  had them here too,   My son at 12 likes those scarey movies too,  he's seen saw II  and the fog,  don't care for them my slef but watched them with him.  Not many good family movies anymore...but March of the Penguins is really good.  

mumma4evr said...

I lvoe my fans!!!