Saturday, June 3, 2006

Thank you for the beautiful tag. D's Designs


My second entry of the day. I took a nap this afternoon so now I can't go to sleep. My daughter just called me from camp and she is having a great time. I really miss her today. My hubby and I just came in from the back deck. All of our neighbors were hanging out and talking. I love those kinds of evenings. It really started to get cool and my hubby wanted a steak on the grill so we decided to go inside.

I took a few pictures of my yard and house today. A few turned out blurry. Her is my pink rose bush. Here is my red rose bush. One day mine will look like this. My hubby wants to get rid of them but I said no way. They need a little work done on them.

 I am going to take a picture once a month of my garden so I can see the progress. On the left is my celery, in the middle are my tomatoes and to the left are my onions.

 We have more onions on the left, in the middle is the lettuce, cabbage and broccoli. My husband mulched manure and peat moss into the soil.

 I think I mentioned last year that our neighbor gave us carp bones and the head to put in our garden. He didn't go fishing this year so we are trying something different. We also used Miracle Grow.

We did plant some flowers but I haven't taken any pictures yet because they are just starting to come up. As soon as they are in bloom I will take pictures.

This is my hubby John weed wacking in front of the house. The trampoline takes up most of our front yard. It is so big. This is the front of our home.  I didn't plant any flowers in front because we have these green bushes that come up every year. I like hanging my plants from the front porch. On the right side of the porch I have a plant rack with all my house plants on it. You can't really see it. I need to take a close up.

I am getting a little tired so I am off to dreamland.


garnett109 said...

nice pics

jckfrstross said...

have a good night and enjoy your sunday:)


ericanbiloxi said...

looks like your hubby enjoys the outdoor gardening work just like you....thank God huh! lol
Your home looks beautiful D....thanks for sharing the pics!


newmomtobe2001 said...

Your garden is going to be georgeous! I unfortunetely have a black thumb :( can't even keep house plants always wind up dead thank god mil lives with us and takes care of gardening :)

newsworthy822 said...

Love your house! your garden looks nice, too! It is pouring here today, so I hope all the work we did yesterday planting our garden doesn't get washed away. Hope your daughter has fun at camp. Hailey is going to visit her grandparents in Arizona at the end of the month, then in August she's going to Lutheran Bible Camp. Hope you have a great Monday!

dondieroy said...

thanks for the pictures.  The garden is looking good..  Dondie