Thursday, June 1, 2006

Happy Birthday to my daughter

My baby girl is 12 years old today.  Where does the time go. I was going to take her and her friend swimming today at my sister in laws but it is a little cool today. We might go to the animal shelter and pick out a dog. My hubby said why did you promise her a dog for her birthday. I said because we have been wanting an animal since we moved here 21 months ago. We went to a few shelters last year but we didn't see any small dogs. My hubby does not want a big dog. I wouldn't mind because I love big dogs. My daughter would like a Lab or Golden Retreiver.  I think I would get a lot more walking in if I had a dog.  Tomorrow is the day we are really going to celebrate. We are going into Chicago to get our hair done and then out to a Mexican restaurant. My daughter is bringing one of her friends.  They both want to get their eyebrows done. My mother in law is going with us. I can't wait. I haven't had my hair done since Jan. and I need it bad.

I am doing pretty good with my eating. The last 2 days I have been struggling. I am up 1 lb. I had way too much steak the other day and a few to many cookies the last 2 days. I am back on track today.

I just made my reservations to Tennessee. I have been undecided if I wanted to go or not. I mean I wanted to go but was thinking twice about the money. I thought I would be able to get it cheaper this Tuesday but it was the same. I talked with hubby yesterday and he said go, just go. I think he wants the house to himself for 2 weeks. Sometimes you just need a break from one another. My hubby doesn't get vacation until November I think. I am not sure what he will want to do then. My sister lives in a small town called Ashland City. I just love it there. I can't wait until June 24th. Last year was the first year that I didn't spend the 4th of July with her. I would go visit her every year around that time.

Well, it is about that time for me to get dressed. My daughter is still sleeping and I need to jump in the shower and then make her birthday cake.

Again, I want to wish my  girl a . I love you so much.


chat2missie said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!  Good Luck looking for a dog.  Sounds exciting.

ericanbiloxi said...

Happy Birthday Wishes to your baby girl!
A dog from the shelter sounds like a great idea....I like the medium size dogs, because those lil shits just seem to get ill easier.
I know y'all are gonna have a blast with girls day tomorrow....enjoy!


alphamoon65 said...

tell your daughter happy birthday from ohio!  Have fun on girls day out birthday bash...sounds like so much fun.  Take care,

jckfrstross said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter:) to be 12 again:) have a good evening


stansgirl2004 said...

Aww Happy Birthday Lil One
Hugs, Marina

garnett109 said...

Happy Birthday! Dogs are great!

newsworthy822 said...

say happy birthday to your daughter! they do grow up fast. Hailey won't be 12 til November...but that will be here before I know it!
Your vacation sounds great! Hey I used to work in Ashland, WI!
Congrats on getting back on track. I have those days when the cookies are crying out to me... especially when TOM arrives. LOL.
Have a good night!

tkelliher617 said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter I hope she has a wonderful birthday, and that you find the perfect dog~Get a big one..hee hee.  I bet you are looking forward to visiting your sister, mine is all the way in CA and I am in MA so I only get to see her once a year or every 2 years.  Enjoy your time together.  I hope this comment goes thru aol is giving me an awful time tonite.  Nite ;)

linnpooh said...

Happy birthday to your baby girl! You are so right, the time passes so quickly. Hold on tight and make every moment with her count.....before you know it she will be 23, out of college, and move 1200 miles away to start her future.....sigh. Enjoy these heavenly days with your family :) Glad your back on plan, I'll send good vibes your way for the weekend and mexican food! YIKES!!  Have fun though. :)

Pooh Hugs,

dondieroy said...

Happy Birthday to your baby girl !!  Hope she has a great time getting her hair and eye brows done.  Sounds like a fun time.  I am going on vacation June 10th and I cannot wait.  have a good weekend.  Dondie