Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hot and Humid

This is how hot it is today. The heat index says 94 degrees. I knew we weren't going to have much of a spring. It always seems to go directly to summer weather.

I just got through grilling some corn on the cob and I made a little pocket out of aluminum foil and put in portabello mushroom, onion, red pepper and garlic and sprinkled a little basil infused olive oil. I had this yesterday and it was so good that I had to make it again today. I also grilled a whole wheat pita pocket and stuffed the vegetables into it. In my last entry I had a comment left that said It is all about the food. It sure is when you are a food addict. LOL The good thing is that it is now about the RIGHT foods. I think I will rename my journal It Is All About The Food. I liked that. I want to thank Marina at I'm Losing It for that great comment and maybe my journal name change.

When I was outside by the grill I felt like this.  

I can't wait until my neighbor comes home tomorrow so then maybe we can get his pool ready. He let us swim in it all last summer. We went looking at pools at the end of summer last year but they are a little pricey for the one we want to fit our backyard. Once I start working then maybe we will get one next year or the end of summer since the prices really drop then.

In a few minutes I think I will go get myself a popsicle. I know we have some in the deep freezer but they might be no good. We have had them for awhile now and nobody is eating them. I also bought some fudgsicles but don't really like them to much. I am more of a dreamsicle girl.

My daughter went swimming over at her friends house yesterday. She called me about 8:30 pm and asked if she could sleepover and I said yes and brought her the things she needed. The phone rang at 2:15 am and I didn't get it in time so I went downstairs and it was my daughter saying she didn't feel well. I woke up my hubby and asked him to go get her. We have always had this thing where if she was sick in the middle of the night and needed medicine or we had to get her from somewhere that he would do it.  He always said he didn't want me driving that late at night by myself.

I am thinking of visiting my sister in Tennessee this year. I talked with my hubby about it and he said yes. The airfare is a little high right now. They have specials every Tuesday so I am probably going to see if it is lower this week. I want to go for 2 weeks. I was thinking a month but hubby said he would miss us too much.  This is a picture of my sister's pool. She has 2 decks. One on top and then one around her pool. I am in that pool everyday when I visit her. We have such a good time. Last year was the first year I didn't visit her. I know she was here in Feb. for my birthday but I miss her already. I need to hit the lottery so I can have a second home in Tennessee. My sister suggested I drive but I don't know if I would want to drive 7 hours. I just love flying. The flight is only 1 hour and 15 minutes so I love it.

I think I will go for now. I need to stop rambling and go check on my daughter and her friend who are watching a scary movie.


jckfrstross said...

its hot here too in the 90s also that is toohot if you ask me:)


ericanbiloxi said...

The heat is horrible here too! That pool looks like heaven right now....we looked at pools and yeah, they are very pricy, but I know that we would get every penny worth out of it. My sister is having her 34ft pool installed this coming week and so at least if I can't have my own, I can use hers anytime. lol
Good idea with the honey going and getting the daughter when y'all get those late night calls.....we don't have any set rule like that here, but it always works out the
Stay cool and enjoy that yummy sounding veggie stuffed pita.


newsworthy822 said...

sounds like your diet is going great, you are making some really delicious & healthy things. good for you! that's too bad your daughter got sick. I always worry about those late-night calls when Hailey goes to a friend's house~!
Hope you had a good weekend!

tkelliher617 said...

It sure was hot Sunday!  Your pita sound delicious as I have not eaten dinner yet.  Hope you had a great weekend!

chseroo said...

Your lunch sounds yummy... I think I am the last person in the world that doesn't own a grill.... LOL. I don't know why I haven't gotten one yet. Maybe I should look into it this weekend.

I live on the Kentucky/Tennessee line. Where in Tenn. does your sister live? It might be close to me. :)


dondieroy said...

your lunch sounds yummy !!!  I love this time of the year.  I love grilling !  We grilled out Monday and it was soooooooo good.  Love the picture of your sisters pool.  Very cool..  Dondie

linnpooh said...

Just catching up on journals.....glad to see things are still going well for you! Your grilled corn on the cob has we drooling and it's 11:00 food is LONG GONE for the day! :) I love corn on the cob and when it becomes local we have a couple nights that we have only that for supper so we can have a few ears all at once without blowing our diets :) are really doing awesome and giving me a lot of inspiration!!!

Pooh Hugs,