Monday, May 22, 2006

My Garden

First of all I want to say that I am sick of AOL. I did an entry earlier this afternoon that took me about an hour and tried to save it and it would not let me save it. I tried about 10 times and then my computer booted me off. I guess I am going to try again.

 Here is my garden that my husband built for me last year. This picture is from yesterday but he just finished putting in more plants tonight. He told me we have way too many plants so we are either going to give them to the neighbors or try to plant them in some pots. He even used the side of our house this year because we had so many. I told him that side of the house doesn't get much sun but he wants to see if they will grow.

 Here is my strawberry plant.

If you look real close you can see 2 strawberries already. I think we are going to put this in a container. I have a strawberry terra cotta pot but hubby doesn't want to use it. I told him I used it for my herbs last year and the herbs turned out great. Sometimes I don't know what he is thinking. LOL

 This is my chive and dill plants. I have 2 more chives in a windown container.  I love using chives in my salads. I already used the dill in soup that I made on Sunday. I worked with this lady years ago who brought in a dill dip and it was fantastic. I never made it but I found the recipe the other day and I can't wait to make it. I think I will wait until my dill plant gets alittle bigger.

 This is my cilantro plants. We had so many that my husband had to put a few in the ground next to some of the flowers. I use it in my homemade salsa, soups and tacos.

 This is my peppermint and chocolate mint. I will probably look on line to find some recipes to use those. I know some of it I will use in tea. I am thinking of maybe chocolate chip mint cookies. Right now I am sick of making cookies because I made another 3 1/2 dozen oatmeal cookies. My husband is loving them. I only had a few. I swear.

We have no room for the carrots

and bell peppers  that I started from seeds. I might go this weekend and see about what kind of containers I can use for these vegetables.

Ok I guess I am done. Sorry, I am going on and on but we take such pride in our garden. We have wanted our own home and garden for a long time. We both were brought up in apartments and we thought that we would never have a home of our own. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with growing up in an apartment. I was loved so much by my parents and I just wish that they could have experienced having a home of their own. I guess with 8 kids they couldn't afford it. I am just happy that my dream came through. 

 This is my daughter and my neighbors daughter painting their fence. The girls did this last year and they had a blast. It comes off after it rains a few times.

It is almost 10 pm and I think I will get ready for bed.


jckfrstross said...

aol was having problems this afternoon go figure they are suppose to have it fixed ahuh we shall see Love all your garden and plants:) have a good tuesday


stansgirl2004 said...

What i do is type an entry to myself n an e~mail so that i can't lose it even  if i notce i'm gonna be booted i click mail later and go back to t when i reboot. After  type t up i mal t to myself copy and paste n the journal the only thing is that the graphcs have to be added in your journal entry box and not n the e-mail
~ Marina

derasta said...

You have a very impressive garden! I have a veggie and herb garden that I's small right now but I have plans on making it larger to include many more veggies to it...

chat2missie said...

I have flower gardens but I would love a veggie garden!  My yard just isn't big enough for veggies.  Have a good day.

njmom72 said...

Great garden hun, can't wait to see that strawberry plant full of berries! :-)

~ Susan

dondieroy said...

I have a small garden too.  I love it !!!  Love the pictures of all the plants.  ENJOY !!  Dondie

ericanbiloxi said...

First, before I forget(an everyday thing for me!)is the neighbors dog a mixed one with some Shar pei in it? It stands like and it's tail and shape looks like my boy Valentine....just curious.
Now for the important stuff! lol I hope you thanked your sweety VERY MUCH lol for the garden he built for you....that is so can walk in between the rows and all, nothing like we through together one year, when I did the "big garden" heheheheh I am gonna show it to him and see if I can get me one built like yours.
My cilantro is not doing well, so I am gonna get some more and see if that does not pick this one up a bit.
Sooooo are we gonna get some homemade strawberry jam sent to us? lol I remember how my Granny used to can the homemade preserves....I just never did try it on my own, because I am not a big cooked fruit person.
Well enough ramblin.....
Thanks for sharing the pics D!


mumma4evr said...

great looking garden!!!

countrylady4071 said...


I just want to say I really like your journal.  It's always uplifting and fun.  I loved the pictures of your garden.  Thanks for sharing.   I wish you luck in getting your driver's liscense the next time.  You must have felt so lost without it.  By the way my name is Pat and I'm from Virginia.  Have a wonderful day.

wildflowersea said...

We have a veggie garden also. We are growing onions, zucchinis, cucumbers, two different types of radishes, carrots, and yard long green beans!  I love growing things to eat. I have this herb I bought at home depot, I forgot what it's called, it looks similar to parsley but taste just like celery. i want to plant white corn, watermelon, and many other things but we are running out of space lol
Thanks for sharing your pics. keep them coming as they grow. Take care :)

tkelliher617 said...

I like your journal, I found you by another journal I read.  Wonderful plants!  Good job on your loss, I need to start doing ww again, would you mind emailing me your points list?  Please come by and check out my journal if you like.  Take Care- Tabatha

linnpooh said...

I just LOVE your garden....I'm so impressed with you doing all of this! I used to have strawberries al of the time and I put them in those Terra Cotta planted with all of the holes, it was perfect. The birds really like your berries though, as do the little chipmunks so you may want to get some netting! Have fun....

Pooh Hugs,