Thursday, May 25, 2006

I was so lazy yesterday. I didn't get dressed until 2pm. Whenever my daughter is home from school and not feeling well we just hang out and watch movies and do nothing. I am going to make up for it today.

I need to clean 3 bathrooms and vacuum. I have been trying to do a load of laundry once a day so this weekend I won't do any laundry or housework.

Last night we had some major storms blow through.

The electricity went out about 10 pm and my daughter came running into my room to sleep with me. It was very warm without the fan. It didn't take to long for it to come back on. I think it was about a half an hour because I can't sleep without my fan. I know I am a baby. LOL

I just want to say that my goal with my weight loss is to lose about 140 lbs. I really just want to be healthier and have more energy. 

I was looking through my on line pictures and came across this one that said to my Mom. My daughter must have did it on line and saved it to the pictures so I would come across it.       She is my angel.     

It is time to get my butt in gear. I didn't walk yesterday and today it looks like it is going to storm again so I better get going.


ecco69 said...

Good luck with your weight loss and the most important thing is to take one day at a time and set small goals for yourself.  Try 15 lbs at a time.  This way it won't seem so overwhelming.

dondieroy said...

Glad your daughter is feeling better.  cleaning bathrooms is my least favorite chore. Can you come to my house this weekend since you don't have any cleaning to do at yours?????????  PLEASE..  LOL

chat2missie said...

Hope you got your walk in today.

jckfrstross said...

Have a good friday:)


tkelliher617 said...

I love the picture your daughter left you.

tkelliher617 said...

Thank you for all the wonderful funny emails, you brought a smile to my face tonite!

linnpooh said...

What a sweet daughter you have! I'm glad the power came back on for you and hope the storms stay away for the holiday weekend.

Pooh Hugs,