Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Almost finished

I am almost through with my to do list. Only 8 more things and I am done. I want to leave the washing of floors, dusting and vacuuming until Thursday. My hubby walked in from work today and said wow the house smells great and I said to him this is nothing wait until Thursday. He smelled the Pine-Sol I was using to wash the mini blinds. At this point I won't have any spring cleaning to do. Not sure if I am going to wash down all the wood work. I asked hubby to do it since I have a hard time on my knees. I don't think he will have the time. I think I will wait on that.


Just wanted to put that graphic in to just pretend I am driving. LOL Only 88 more days until I can drive.


jckfrstross said...

I love the moose i hope you don't drive like that lol it will go by fast and you will be driving in no time:) Your sis comes on friday right?


hsauls said...

Hey... why don't you drive? Did you lose your license or have you never gotten it? Not being nosy... I just had a severe driving phobia (I know! ME OF ALL PEOPLE!) and didn't start driving until I was 27.  Can you imagine? Three kids and me not driving! With an alcholic husband! It was a mess... anyways... I just wondered...

take care!