Saturday, February 11, 2006

It has been a pretty slow day today. I made steak fajitas for a late lunch. They turned out really good. I was slicing a lot of onions and green peppers.  

I also put in a red pepper. I just love those. I always try to make double batches so I have some for a few days. So now I have leftover fajitas and pork chops and stuffing.

No cooking for a few days. Yeah!!!

It is very quiet right now. My husband is working on my back brakes at his friend's heated garage. He has work tomorrow so I hope he gets home fairly early. He starts at 6am so I already have the coffee pot set for 4:45.     

My daughter is at a girlfriend's house. She just called a few minutes ago and asked if she can sleepover. . I told her yes but she needs to come home early because she has to finish her project. One of many projects that is due in the whole month of February.

I think I will get off computer and take a nice hot shower.

Putting graphics on computer is time consuming and driving me a little crazy right now. LOL

Sleep well everyone.

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jckfrstross said...

Sleep well