Sunday, February 12, 2006

Didn't do too much of anything today. Went to sleep about 3am and woke up to the sound of my husband coming home for lunch at 10:30 and then to the sound of the phone. I really do hate sleeping that late because my whole morning was gone. It did feel good to sleep in though.

I took this picture from looking outside my front door. We didn't get too much snow. We get some heavy flurries and then it melts and it starts right back  up. It has been going on like this for days now. I am not complaining. I am very happy that it is not sticking. I have been reading some of the journals and I can't believe all the snow some people got. YUCK!. They will be shoveling for days or making a bunch of snowmen.

My daughter wanted hot buffalo wings for dinner so I made some. She likes bread and butter and applesauce with it. I had a few of them. Not too hungry right now.

It is time to go. Hubby should be home in about 10 minutes.

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jckfrstross said...

have a good evening :)