Saturday, February 25, 2006

We are having such a wonderful time. These last few days have been amazing. I can't believe how much I miss my sister. I only have one more day with her. We are going to go through the photo album and I told her she can take some pictures. I got almost all of the pictures when my mom died and I told her to go through them. We have been watching movies and went to a great butcher so my sister could bring home some great Italian sauage and then went to a place called Portillo's to get Italian beef. Tomorrow morning we are going to food saver everything so she can fit everything in her carry on bag.

My brother and nephew came by today. It was fun. I made deep fried breaded mushrooms, chicken tenders and mac and cheese. We sat around telling stories and laughing like crazy. I am so happy my husband was off these pass 2 days. He has to go back to work tomorrow but is going to get off at 2:30 so we can take my sister to the airport. Her flight leaves at 5:20pm. It is going by way too fast. Hopefully, my daughter and I will get to spend 2 weeks at her place this summer.

I just love swimming in her pool with my niece and daughter.

 I never did send in my application for the job since I can't drive. I guess I am just not ready to get a job even though we really need the extra income. Maybe within 6 months.


 I missed my niece's baby shower today. My niece on my husband's side. Since my sister was only in for 3 days I know she understood. I will probably talk to one of my sister in laws on Monday to find out how it went. I love baby showers because of all the new and cute baby clothes and furniture. I know she probably made out very well.

I am off to take care of business.




jckfrstross said...

glad you are having fun with sis:) enjoy the rest of the weekend


lv2trnscrb said...

cute journal; glad you had a good visit with your sister! Its hard when they live away from us; I live about 2000 miles from my sister.

I put you on alerts; I'll be back