Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Happy Feb. 1st.


pises Feb. is my month. We have so many things going on. My daughter decided she wanted to have a few friends over on Friday. Some are sleeping over and some are just staying until about 9:30. My daughter has a half day at school today so one of her friends are coming over to plan the activities and the food. I am hoping the menu will be either pizza, burgers and fries and then ice cream. I am not sure how many are coming since they have up until today to call and let me know. One Mom called yesterday to let her daughter come.

Well I am off to do some dusting. dustingHave a great day. I will probably be back later since I am having a blast with these graphics. Hope you enjoy them also.


jckfrstross said...

i love your graphics :)


kathyrmary said...

Boy Bea That was way kool you have to come out 10 million times so i can learn how to do this  thanks for letting me SHARE   I love you are so ... my bestest friend LOL  again thanks for sharing