Friday, February 17, 2006

Well, I just got through mailing

my license to the state. I had to drive 2 blocks without my license and I passed by the police station on my way home. I only live about a block from the station.Thank goodness I wasn't stopped.   

It may be torture but I will be counting down from 90 days. I know it will kill me once the nice weather kicks in, so I am asking for 90 more days of cold, cold weather. NO, just kidding.   

In a few entries back I was counting down the days until spring.

My daughter and I just got through watching a movie called . It was a cute PG movie.  We also watched Just Like Heaven. It was a nice movie but some parts it was too slow. I have one more movie called Proof  which I am going to watch with my hubby tomorrow. I will have to remind him that he has to take back the movies since I can't drive. lol

My hubby had  2 side jobs today. He used to be a mover and we still keep in touch with one of his best friends who has his own truck so he went to make some extra money. Maybe one day we will be

rolling in the dough.

I think I will go read some journals. Everyone have a great 

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