Thursday, February 2, 2006

My Daughter

The rest of my day turned out terrible. My daughter came home with 2 bad grades.  It really hurt me to do what I had to do next. I had to call 8 Mom's and tell them my daughter's  for Friday/sleepover was cancelled.

It really broke my heart.

One of the Mom's bought a bunch of cookies and candy. I am going to have to call her tomorrow since I didn't talk to her and pay her for it.

Well, my hubby got home and I have to talk to him. love my hubby blinkie


jckfrstross said...

oh no there seems to be alot of this happening hope tomorrow is better


fatbegonestacy said...

Oh wow, another mom as strict as I am!  Actually I don't think of us as strict, I think of us as doing the right thing.  My kids all say "Mom you are the only mother who still grounds us for our grades" and I used to think they were laying it on thick, but I would see their friends and ask about their report card and some had D's others had F's and they didn't even get "yelled at" let alone punished in any way.  Anyway, my long ramble here <g> is to let you know that it's nice to meet another mom doing things this way - maybe I'm not so ancient after all, lol.  BTW report cards come home today over here - I am expecting a little heart break myself.  :o(