Tuesday, February 7, 2006

My Collectibles

I don't know if I ever mentioned this but I am a big collector of snow globes and music boxes. When I was a little girl my sister in law bought me my first one and I have been collecting them ever since. I have a bunch of Disney globes and tons of carousels. I generally ask for one for Christmas from my family grab bag but I wanted more Christmas decorations for my new house. My sister in law went overboard. She bought me some beautiful Christmas decorations.

horse snowglobeangel snowglobe

My birthday is in a few weeks so maybe my daughter or husband will get me one.

The last few days I have been really sleepy. I take my daughter to school in the morning and have been going back to bed.  I don't feel sick or anything. Maybe because it has gotten a little colder here. I haven't even taken my neighbors dog for a walk. I know, I am a bad neighbor.

My other neighbor came over today to drop off a application of employment. I really need to get a job. I didn't want to get a job until my daughter turned about 13 but we really need a new roof and to paint our cedar house this spring.

 I haven't worked in 8 years. I used to be a banker but now I am going to apply for a county health worker in doing data entry/filing. My neighbor is a nurse there so I am pretty sure she can get me in.

Well, I am off to read some other journals. Have a great evening.

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jckfrstross said...

Hope you get the job :)