Friday, November 11, 2005


You Are Not Alone

Sometimes it seems like the world
is crumbling around us
and we just can't go on.
But those are the times when
we most need to look to the future
to hold on to our faith and hope
and to each other.
One of the hardest things to accept
is the realization that things
that make no sense to us now
may never make any sense,
but life will go on anyway...
with no explanations or apologies,
and that we somehow survive
the changes thrust upon us.
We even manage to grow...
but nothing grows without rain,
so when it begins to pour,
let it flow.
And when the storm has passed,
let it go.
Be kind to yourself;
ask for what you need.
You are not alone.

1 comment:

rjet33 said...

Beautiful entry.  I meant to comment on the Lucy photo.  That is one of my favorite episodes also.  I watched her regularly.  She was a riot.