Sunday, November 6, 2005

Great Neighbors

When I moved here 14 months ago I couldn't believe the difference from living in the big city of Chicago and moving to a small town in Illinois. My first day moving in I had a neighbor come to the door and introduce himself and his daughter. Wow was I surprised. I am surrounded by male neighbors except one wonderful woman who has become my friend and she is the wife of the husband who introduced himself on the first day. My daughter has become good friends with their daughter.

This morning my husband was having coffee with our neighbor next to us and he gave my husband some fresh salsa he made. I have been giving this neighbor a lot of vegetables from our first garden that we planted this year. Just a few minutes ago our door bell rang and it was the same neighbor bringing over brownies.

I am so happy that we have moved here. Don't get me wrong, I do love the city of Chicago but I lived there for over 44 years and on a busy street so this wonderful small town life is my cup of tea. Waking up every morning to the sound of  birds chirping and squirrels going crazy really beats the sound of trucks and honking horns.

Well, it is time for me to get another cup of coffee and maybe one of those brownies. Remember I am not starting my diet until after surgery.  LOL 


draya4444 said...

I read your journal.
And found it to be very inspiring.

It was refreshing, and it let me see another
side of you.
Thank You for that.

I enjoyed reading about you as a person having
some ups and downs in her life, like
everyone else.

And setting goals is alway's a good sign
of strenght I think.

So my beautiful Detje I'd be happy
to be a part of you, and your  journal
as long as you'll have me.

                                                           Thanks For Sharing,

And don't ever give up on making this happen,
and sending a book with it.
I believe in that alway's!!

rjet33 said...

My niece just moved from Chicago to Modesto, CA.  She likes it better there.  We had some great neighbors when we moved to Palmer Lake, CO.  We have since moved back to Alabama and they moved to Texas.  I usually get a Christmas card, but I sure do miss them.  We live in the country in Alabama.  Most of our neighbors here are family, lol.