Friday, November 11, 2005


I think the reason I put up the Lucy picture is because right now I am trying to think happy thoughts and this was one of my favorite episodes.

Well let's see, where do I start,  my surgery was canceled today because my EKG was irregular and I have to go see a heart specialist. (can't spell cardialogist) can't find it on aol dictionary.  LOL I have been waiting for surgery for over a month and have been counting down the days.  Now I have to wait another 5 days to find out about my heart. When my mom was alive she used to say that every time you  go to the doctor they always find something wrong. She hardly ever went to the doctor.

With the holiday's coming I just wanted the surgery out of the way first of all to get rid of the pain and second so I would be able to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas. The torture of being on hold and not knowing is what is making me more and more depressed. Well, I think I will end for now. Have a great weekend. I am thinking of putting my journal public so maybe others out there can give me their opinion and thoughts.



draya4444 said...

My Poor Sweetheart,
I can't tell you how sorry I am that
your going through this pain.

But, you must remember how far you've come already.
And the strenght you have.

It is easy for someone to say that.
But I know alot about it.
And I also have seen you pick up, and take control of
your life.
That's a wonderful gift you've given yourself.

All this is scary with out a doubt.
But your choices are  minimuim right now
until you have this test, and find out about the next step.

I don't think you've come this far in your life, just
to stop here.

I've Loved watching you grow these past weeks.
And it's alway's my Pleasure to be your friend.

For now your scared, I think any one would be.
But I really believe in my heart it will all be OK.

Sleep well tonight my friend.


rjet33 said...

Hey, you are hooked up with the right friend for spelling medical words since that is what I do for a living.  I am a radiology medical transcriptionist and work out of an office at home.  Cardiologist is the correct spelling.  You were very close, only one letter off!  Yea!  So sorry you were disappointed.  Hope all turns out well.

Love and prayers,