Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Today was my 3 week checkup with my doctor. She says I am doing just great. I asked her if I could vacuum yet and she said no. She said all I should be doing is driving and some walking. The good news is I lost 7 lbs since surgery. That is a good thing since I need to start losing weight. Every day I am feeling more stronger but I do know I still have to take it easy.

Our Christmas party with my husband's family was great. Everyone was there.  Two of his nieces are pregnant so next Christmas there will be 2 little ones. I can't wait. I just love babies.

Tomorrow I am going to go to the court house and try to put a motion in so they don't suspend my license for 4 months. When my husband went for me since I was in the hospital they told him to pay the fine and he said he asked for court supervision for 90 days. Well, I get home from the hospital and a few days later I get 2 letters in the mail stating they were suspending my license and so I called up and she said that we paid the fine but husband did not ask for court supervision. I would really hate to lose my license for 4 months because I do all the driving around to get groceries, post office, etc, etc. I hope I get an answer tomorrow but some people tell me that I might have to wait a month before I find out. I hope not because I have to surrender my license by Feb. 18th.

Well, everyone have a nice evening, I am off to make all the beds since I stripped them this morning.

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jckfrstross said...

Make sure you take your paperwork with you from the doctor/hospital that should help :)