Monday, January 23, 2006

Last Appointment

Today was my 6 week check-up appointment. I am so happy it is my last. I don't have to go see her until August. Yes. Happy, Happy Happy!!!!! She told me I still might get tired at times but to increase my activity. She told me to get 1200 miligrams (I think) of calcium. I don't drink much milk but I do love cheese. I told her I will probably take a vitamin supplement. She had that would be fine. I also don't have to go on any hormones since I feel the same as I did before I had surgery except no pain. It feels wonderful to be pain free after about a year and a half. I have been taking my neighbors dog for a walk and did a little too much the other day and the doctor just told me when my body starts talking to me to take it easy. I know I will follow her advice because I don't have any more pain pills and I didn't ask her for any because I know I can just take a few Tylenol and I will feel ok.

My body is telling me to take a nap. LOL I have been having major insomnia and I would like to get in a nap before my daughter comes home from school and I have to start dinner. I think it will be an easy dinner tonight. Maybe chicken, or fish sticks and noodles. Sounds good to me. TTFN

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jckfrstross said...

woohoo on the road to recovery. take it easy and have a great evening