Saturday, January 14, 2006

I am already going over in my head and on paper everything I want to put in the garden this year. It will be our second year of gardening. Our first garden turned out great. The only problem we had was way to many vegetables. I had jalapenos coming out of you know where. LOL I had a great herb garden too. This year I want to do mint, and more cilantro. I am also going to learn how to can pickles. We had so many cucumbers and some went to waste. I did give alot to the neighbors. We made so much salsa and so did the neighbors that we learned different recipes from each other. Almost all of my neighbors are single men but they are all so wonderful. I couldn't have found nicer neighbors if I tried. We are thinking of maybe trying to do potatoes because one of my husbands co-workers used to farm and he said if we got a big barrel we can grow the potatoes in there. I guess I am getting to excited to early. It might be because the weather has been pretty nice this time of year. Yesterday it did rain and then we had snow but it did not stick. I am counting down the days until spring.

The last few days I have been really cleaning. Today I want to finish up washing the inside of the windows. I also need to dust the upstairs bedrooms. Since my daughter has a 3 day weekend we are thinking about doing something. I know her father wants her to help him fix the stove and our other washer. Of course we also have to find time to watch the Bears beat the Panthers tomorrow. We are thinking about getting 2 kittens. We have been thinking about getting a dog but are still up in the air about it. We have been talking about it for months. We went about 6 months ago to look for a small dog in 2 shelters but all they had were big dogs and my husband doesn't want one that is big.

Well it is time for me to take a shower and get my butt in gear. Have a wonderful Saturday.


jckfrstross said...

Have a great Saturday:)


rjet33 said...


I have a dog and three cats, lol.  I have been very busy also.  Posted photos today of before and after of my basement.  Son redid his room and I posted before and after photos of it also.  We had tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers last year.  I am hoping to expand somewhat this year.  Been cleaning and doing laundry all day.  I am going to take it easy now! :-P