Sunday, January 8, 2006

Today was a very productive day. I was the first one up so I made some coffee and watched the news. The last 4 days I haven't had a taste for coffee. I have been making myself some strawberries and cream oatmeal and a glass of orange juice. This is really strange for me because I love my coffee. I would have 2 or 3 cups in the morning. I guess my taste buds have changed since surgery. I haven't even had the caffeine withdrawal headache that I would get when I would stop drinking coffee. I did it one time and the headache was so bad I went back to drinking it.

When hubby got up we sat outside ( yes it was only 35 degrees but I was wrapped in a blanket) and he drank his coffee and we talked about everything we were going to do today.  Of course my husband started outside while I was still in the shower. He was doing everything outside and then coming inside to get on the ladder to take down my village I put up on the china cabinet. I packed everything in tupperware tins and some boxes. My daughter was a big help today. She took all the lights off the tree and took the tree down and boxed it up. She also put all the window clings back and believe you me that is a big jobs since I have a tons of them. She did her homework after that and her girlfriend came to the door to go roller blading. She was gone all day until I picked her up at 6pm. Instead of cooking, since my oven is still broke we ordered pizza and cheese sticks. I know, I know not very healthy. As my resolution is already broke and I am going to say, I will start tomorrow.   LOL

The Girl Scout cookies came today so I had to go through them and package up all the orders. My brother is coming on Tuesday to pick up his and his girlfriends order. I am delivering my 2 sister in laws their cookies on Tuesday at her work since she lives with her.

My husband is off of work tomorrow so I think we are going to run to Menards, Home Depot and probably Loews to see what kind of deal we can get on a hot water heater. I had to take another cold shower this morning. It is working now and my daughter is in the shower and she will probably use up all the hot water and it will be back to cold. I hate washing dishes in cold water. They don't feel sanitized to me. I even put them in the dishwasher the otherday and the water was cold. They seemed to turn out ok.

I am off to read some journals and watch a little bit of TV before I start getting ready for bed. Everyone have a great week.

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