Thursday, January 19, 2006

I am so happy. My sister is coming to visit me on my birthday. She lives in Tennesse and we haven't seen each other in about 18 months. I try to go and stay with her for 2 weeks in the summer time but since buying this house it has been hard coming up with the money. I can't wait till she sees my new house. I know she is going to love it.  She will be here in about 34 days. I know I will be counting. My husband is taking off so we can pick her up from the airport since I won't have my license. I might let my daughter miss school so we can go to our favorite pizza place in the city. My sister just loves the pizza here.

I really didn't do too much today since my daughter was off of school. She was having problems with her stomach last night and when she woke up it was still bothering her. She has not missed all that much school this year. I think only 3 days. I know tomorrow I will make up for what I didn't do today.

Have a great Friday everyone.  

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jckfrstross said...

so glad she is coming to see you :)