Sunday, March 26, 2006

I got to spend about 30 mintues last night with the husband. While he was eating a sandwich and some vanilla pudding I made for him his work called and said they wanted him to start at 2am. Well, it was 8 pm when they called so he knew he had to go to bed to get about 5 hours of sleep. He got home today at 2:45 pm and went straight to bed. He asked me if the movies needed to be back today and I said yes. This is one of those times that I wish I drove.

Today I planted some seeds indoors in my containers. I planted cucumbers, carrotsand various bell peppers. If they don't start sprouting in 4 weeks we will probably go to a nursery and get the little plants. I bought a terra cotta pot last year for my herbs and when I got it home it said it was for strawberries but it worked out. I dried a lot of my herbs. I still have a plant of basil and rosemary. I dried the lavender, thyme and some rosemary. I hope to do dill, cilantro and a few others this year.

I was reading a very interesting article in the Sunday paper. It is about how in Berlin street parking is tight. A high-rise building under construction will have 11 so-called CarLoft units. The residents will drive from the street onto an elevator platform-a CarLift-that will take them to their floor, where they will pull forward and park on an extension of their balcony, a.k.a. the CarLoggia. Each residence will have space for 2 or 3 cars. And then, of course, you will have the magnificent prospect of gazing from the comfort of the sofa directly onto a parking lot. I loved the way the writer phrased that. I just can't imagine something like that. Maybe when it will be like the  and cars are flying. LOL

I really have a taste for kiwi. When we went to Sam's Club they had them but they were $4.88. They were really big but I thought a little too expensive. My husband told me to get them but I didn't and now I am regretting it because we only have 2 oranges in the house and I don't want an orange.

Ok I am off to do some research on the internet.


jckfrstross said...

have a good evening:)


lv2trnscrb said...

How interesting about those Berlin car lifts. Interesting concept and I bet one day we will see them in big cities here in the States


lifes2odd said...

I have all of my seeds planted too. This year will be my first real veggie garden!
Martha :-)

psychfun said...

Thanks for stopping by! Man you are into spring too! You are ahead of me! I should plant some seeds also. I don't have much light though. I usually just get a few plants of different varieties for my deck. I can't wait to do that. We have an awesome nursery about 20 min from me. Man I can't even sit still with the excitement of spring! :-)

chseroo said...

I really want to do an herb garden this year. I am going to try it, but unfortunately, I kill ALL plants! I don't know what I do wrong! But I still am going to give it a try. Fresh herbs in the grocery store are sooo expensive!

Hope you have a good weekend!


newsworthy822 said...

All your herbs sound very interesting. I would like to try something like that. I don't have much of a green thumb. We like to plant flowers in front of our house. last year we did marigolds and man those things were hardy! They didn't die until Oct! Yeah! We are getting some green grass finally. I love spring!

linnpooh said...

Wow....very interesting about the cars in Berlin, I wonder how long it will be before it's in NY? :)
You're planting is making feel like I should get out and do yardwork & flowers :) I hope it all grows for you though....make sure and take pictures.

Pooh Hugs,

rjet33 said...

Hey Bea!  Thanks for visiting me again.  I LOVE flowers.  I tried planting some herbs one year in a planter, the cats laid on them and smooshed them flat.  ::sigh::  Been so busy working have not had time for much journaling.  Put a kettle on this morning for oatmeal and hot cocoa and forgot about it.  Started smelling something funny and my fuzzy brain kicked in.  I went running into the kitchen.  The whole bottom of my stainless steel kettle is BLACK and around the bottom edge too.  I have done this so many times it ain't even funny.  Geez Louise!  I blame it on menopause, lol.