Monday, March 20, 2006


The graphic said Happy Birthday First Day of Spring. I like that. Even though it is pretty cold here. 33 degrees and only going up to 38 I think I will celebrate spring's new birthday. I am going to hibernate for about 5 more hours though. My  husband's work called at 11 pm and wanted him to start at 2 am so I stayed up to make sure he got up on time and then could not go back to sleep until 4:30. Boy, I am really dragging today. On Mondays I strip the beds and wash the sheets but I will either do it later or tomorrow. I am thinking of maybe taking a shower to wake up and just take a little nap this afternoon. Oh the hard decisions. LOL


I was watching the news this morning and they said spring officially starts at like 12:36 this afternoon. My calendar in the kitchen says not until tomorrow. I guess I will just celebrate 2 spring days.

You can see the buds coming up on the side of my house. I can't think of the name of them but they get real tall and they are orange. I know it will come to me soon.

My head is almost touching the end of my desk so I am going to get a few more hours of sleep.



ericanbiloxi said...

Happy Spring to you too....although 33degree weather is not much of a spring! lol
It is going to be in the high 70's here in Biloxi Ms. today(don't be jealous)
Thanks for visiting and commenting in my journal.....I am looking forward to reading yours.
Are the orange buds coming up on the side of your home that you can't think of the name, maybe a  Hibiscus?....I lost my Hibiscus during the Hurricane(well all the leaves), but have faith that it will come back. They are so beautiful, I want a tattoo of a coral hibiscus with a hummingbird drinking from it....ok this is when I get all skinny and tan and blonde.....Hey, it could happen! lol


newsworthy822 said...

Hi! It sounds like you are having the same kind of spring day that we are! It is supposed to get up to 38 here today, too. I went running outside this morning and the wind was awful. it was a  nor'easter right off Lake Superior. ..gave me an earache!! I felt like I was running into cement, or maybe quicksand. Oh well, at least it's not snow, right? Hope you get a little nap in. Sounds like you had a rough night! Have a good day!

lv2trnscrb said...

Hey, I used to strip the beds and do the sheets on Monday when I was a SAHM; now I'm a WAHM and they get done on the weekends (when I remember which is usually every other week).

enjoy the day


jckfrstross said...

Spring in Colorado and we have snow ugh... not as much as prediated but enough to make the roads bad have a good week