Thursday, December 1, 2005

Last night and this morning we had no heat. Yesterday the boiler guy told me he would be back at 4:30 today but I called this morning and complained that we had no heat last night and this morning so the guy got here about 11 am. I was suppose to go Christmas shopping all day but I guess I need heat in my house more than going shopping.

I did do a little bit to much today. I am really hurting and I don't have anymore pain pills. I don't think my doctor is going to give me anymore since I called in the refill 2 days ago. I guess I could hold out until my surgeries on Tuesday. Tomorrow I am getting up very early and going to the bank and than to the mall. I will finish hanging the lights and cleaning on Saturday and Sunday.

My sister in law called this afternoon and told me she would like to be at the hospital on Tuesday. I told her it is fine with me and that she should sleepover on Monday night.  So after she works she is coming by. I think my mother in law is coming sometime in the afternoon since I have to take that Fleet medicine to clean me out. YUCK!!!! 

I am off to go read some of the 50 journals I enjoy. Have a good night. Hugs.

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