Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I can't believe I haven't written in my journal in 7 days. It not because I have been busy. Our Christmas was nice and peaceful. I guess I just haven't had to much to say. My husband and daughter got me a beautiful hugs and kisses bracelet. I have been wanting one for years and I finally received one. It is so beautiful. Christmas with my husband's family is this Sunday, New Year's Day. I am ready for the holiday's to be over. My daughter started taking down some of the lights and window clings today. She has really been a big help since I came home from the hospital. She wanted to sleep over at her girlfriends' house tonight so I told her she could.

Our hot water heater has been acting up and as of today there has been no hot water. I unplugged it and shut it off 3 times but it is still not working. My husband called someone about it but they have not called back yet. I can't imagine taking a cold shower in the winter. I guess I will ask our good neighbor if I can use theirs tomorrow.

For the last 2 months everything in this house seems to be breaking. First it was my husband truck, then my stove which still isn't working. Then it was our heat which took them coming out 5 times before it got fixed. We still haven't received a bill from them. That is a good thing. LOL Then it was the washer, which one of our good friends had an extra one and put it in yesterday and now today the hot water heater. We have only been in this home 16 months and has cost us a bundle. Well, I guess being a new home owner things like this are going to come up. 2006 is going to be our year. Getting healthy and nothing is going to break. Keeping fingers crossed.

I am off to read some journals and watch a little TV.

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jckfrstross said...

I wondered where you were at? glad you are ok and your christmas was ok:)