Sunday, August 20, 2006

What To Do!

I don't know what to do. My neighbor just came by and asked me if I could possibly to him a big favor. He can't drive for a month, this is my other neighbor with driving problems, not the one I took the other day, he goes to court in a month to get a hardship case. He wants me to drive him to work and back home. I would be on the road for 4 hours a day. I would leave at 5:30 am and he said I would probably make it back in time to take my daughter to school by 8:00 am. I wouldn't be there to make her breakfast in the morning. I would have to leave at 2:00 pm to pick him up and I wouldn't be home by the time she gets home from school at 3:00 pm.  My hubby just came home and we talked it over and he said it was up to me. My neighbor said he would pay me 200.00 a week plus gas and I told him I should use his vehicle since I have a Plymouth Voyager van and it would eat up more gas and he agreed. I am still up in the air about it. I don't know what to do. It is a big responsiblity. My hubby also said if I was working I wouldn't be here for our daughter. I really don't like driving the expressways that much and we have to take 3.

Well, this was on my mind and I wanted to get some other options. What do you all think? I probably will end up doing it since it is such great money. My hubby said I should do it for free because that would be the neighborly* thing to do. I told him more than 4 hours out of my day I would need some kind of money. I guess I will go think about it a little bit more.

Thanks for listening.


garnett109 said...

200 a week i'll drive him! go for it Christmas is around the corner!

jckfrstross said...

i would go for it take the money and as long as he pays for gas and his car easy money


ericanbiloxi said...

Well, if times are it!
If you want to be neighborly, say you can do it free, using his vehichal a couple times a week.
If you want to just make a lil extra cha ching.....Tell your daughter that this is a trial run for when you start to work on a regular basis. See how it goes.
Good neighbors are hard to come by, but it goes both ways.
I love the fact your sweetie said to do it would be neighborly.
That really says a lot about him D!

Let us know and make sure the neighbor knows how much thought went into your decision. I'm sure he knows and understands that not everyone can do this.


cjitsallaboutme said...

I'd do it... that's $10 nucks an hour... Go for it... Hugs~~Carol~~

lifes2odd said...

Sounds like easy money -- go for it! :-)

dondieroy said...

that is a lot to ask out of you.  I don't know what you should do..  If you need the money that is one thing and it is only for a month...  Take care, Dondie

sapphireslosing said...

If it was for one month, I would probably do it...but...I'm not sure how well you know the guy or not though...but....

why don't you
1. Ask to do a trial run for a week since this would be taking up quite chunk of your day and part of your time from doing the mother duties.
2. Ask the guy for some of the money up front for the week.
3. Sign something that releases you from anything if something happens in his car (I'm not sure how your insurance works in your state)
4. Make sure he has a plan b in case it doesn't work out after the trial week.
5. Get in writing what he agrees to pay you (that is if you don't know him too well)

Let us know what you decide!

chat2missie said...

I would maybe do it if it was just for a month.  Longer than that, he'd take the bus.