Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Many, many thanks

I want to thank everyone who left a comment regarding my situation about driving my neighbor. I appreciated every single one. I went on a test drive yesterday with my other neighbor who has been taking him when he can. It went pretty good. The 3rd expressway is a killer but I don't have to take him all the way to work which eliminates the 3rd expressway. He is having one of the guys he works with take him to the 2nd expressway for me. I left this afternoon at 3 pm and we got home around 4:40. It wasn't to bad. I have to get up at 4:30 am tomorrow. I have already set the coffee pot.

My hubby gets up at around 5 am so I told him I would feed the dog and let him outside. I will probably take my shower tonight so I can sit around and drink my coffee tomorrow morning. The only thing is that I hope my daughter gets up on time.  I will probably be home by 7:30. I set her alarm for 7:00 am. I try to make her a hot breakfast everyday but I told her to grab cereal or toast.

I just want to say this one last time  for all of your suggestions.

Well, it is time for me to put on my pj's and watch some crazy reality tv. I just love Big Brother.


garnett109 said...

I charge for my evaluation! LOL ! Enjoy life and help people out when you can , and keep smiling!

newmomtobe2001 said...

Ima reality show junkie too lol vicky

newsworthy822 said...

That is really nice that you make your daughter a hot breakfast every day. I bet she likes that. it is usually toast or cereal for us. LOL. Do you have her eat hot lunch or do you make her lunch? For some reason Hailey really wants cold lunch all the time...I don't get why she just doesn't want to eat the school lunch, it sounds pretty good to me!
Have a great night!

crewsfour said...

You're a great neighbor to help out with the driving - I'm sure getting up at 4:30am is going to be tough but you should pat yourself on the back for being so kind.  Now that I'm a SAHM when I have to drive on the interstate during rushhour it kills me - I couldn't imagine that drive everyday.  On a side note I love Big Brother as well - if you're interested in knowing what goes on between episodes, spoilers etc I've got a great blog I can recommend.  Take care Leene

linnpooh said...

Look who has come for a visit.....your old friend Pooh! :) Seriously, the pain med I was taking for therapy was making me so nauseated I could not deal with reading things on line. But....I'm totally weaned off them all now and feeling soooo much better. It makes you wonder how people can use that crap to get high on, doesn't it? LOLOL!  I read through some of your entries, and I now feel pretty caught up with you & your life. That's pretty cool about you driving your neighbor, and even if it's not the best hours....the money will be great. It may be really good for your daughter too, because it's just for a month and it will give her some added responsibility. Maybe when it's all over, if she has done a good job and helped out by keeping her end up.....you could reward her with a shopping trip for a new outfit and shoes or something like that. I'll be thinking about you and praying that the expressway driving will not be too bad for you. You Can Do It!!! :)

Pooh Hugs,