Monday, November 27, 2006

I am still not through

Guide.gifI can't believe that I haven't even started on my tree yet. I have been so busy putting lights through the whole house. I have my daughter's bedroom to do and the master bedroom's bay window. My hubby finished doing the bay window in the dining room because they are so big and I have a hard time doing them. My hubby and daughter are at Menard's right now getting some clips so he can hang all the outside lights tomorrow. I have a feeling he is getting some lawn decorations also. The one my mother in law gave us broke last year so hubby threw it out.


I wish I had a fireplace so I could hang our stocks on. I usually hang our stockings from the Christmas lights I put around our entertainment center. It looks ok but I always wanted a fireplace. I think if we move in 2 years that will be one of the things I will want in our house.


I have this beautiful wreath on the front of my inside door. It is made of walnuts and has lights through out it. My ex sister in laws father made it for my mother. I will take a picture of it when we finish decorating the whole house.


The weather here has been so beautiful. It has been in the upper 50's to lower 60's.  On Thursday it is only suppose to be in the 30's. I told my hubby he only has a few more days of nice weather to put the outdoor decorations up. I think if I didn't tell him that he wouldn't have gotten his butt up off the couch to go to Menard's. CAUR8H2Z.gif

I love reading everyone's journal where they are talking about their different holiday memories. ATT00893.gif When I was a kid we used to be able to open one gift on Christmas Eve. I loved that. We would go to church Christmas morning and then come home to a great meal my mother would make.  

Well, it is time for me to go because I just heard my daughter and hubby come home and I want to see what they bought.



yakima127 said...

How much fun are you having???  So cool!  I keep trying to get stuff done, but I can't seem to find the indoor lights from last year.  I received a bunch of lights from my sister (that were my Mom's) for the outside, but not the cute little ones for inside...Have fun finishing up!!!  Jae

sapphireslosing said...

Have lots of fun decorating! I haven't even pulled out the stuff!! LOL

jckfrstross said...

can't wait to see the pics:) have a good week


tkelliher617 said...

Hi, Cant wait to see your pictures.  I pulled out all my stuff yesterday, took all day but I got the house decorated.

garnett109 said...

Jeeze, The turkey has not diegested yet and all you gals got trees up!

chat2missie said...

We used to put lights up all thru the house but I stopped it about 2 years ago.  It just got to be too much work.  I'm sure your house looks beautiful all decorated.

emabecmar said...

looking forward to seeing the pics. hope you had a nuce day. (((((((((hugs)))))))))

lifes2odd said...

Just catching up here. Glad to hear all is well in your world! Hope you are coming along with your tree. I'm working on ours today! Martha :-)

bethjunebug said...

Glad to meet you. got your journal page from Jckfrost. I will be back. I lived in Antioch, Illinois for 9 years when I was growing up. We had a beef cattle farm. I loved growing up there. Loved the snow and snowmobiling. But it gets ssooooooo very cold there, I remember one year it was 36 below 0!!! We had a blizzard and had to climb out the first floor windows to get out and shovel the walk ways and doors, so we could come outside. It was crazy!!  I haven't put my tree up yet either. Just can't get the energy up to decorate. My fibromyalgia has really been flaring up lately. It is all that I can do to get out of bed and get dressed and get my son off to school. But once out and moving around it gets better. I hope to get things decorated this week.
God bless,
Liz in Va.