Wednesday, October 4, 2006


Happy Wednesday to Everyone.


I wish I could use some magic on this weather we have been having for the last few days. We have had some major storms. Power outrages, flooding and thousands of trees down all over the city and suburbs. We are suppose to get more rain tonight. Enough already.

I just love this graphic. I forgot I had it. I was going through all the graphics in photobucket and came across it.

I have been keeping busy cleaning house and putting up all of my Halloween decorations. I put some outside and decided to put the lights on the inside of the house instead of the outside. My hubby would do the outside but he has been so busy doing side jobs on his days off that he doesn't have time for it.

 Here is a few pictures of my great, great nephew Tyler and my great niece Nicole.  My brother finally told my great niece to send some pictures over.


I hope to one day to go to California to see him in person. He is a cutie.

Thanks to De's Design for this beautiful graphic. You are so talented.

Well it is time to get a bite to eat and take a shower. I need to be in bed within an hour.




garnett109 said...

great pictures thanks for sharing

newsworthy822 said...

cute pictures! I need to get my Halloween decorations up, too. Hailey keeps asking to go buy some more. Hope you have a good night!

emabecmar said...

awwwww he is adorable. hope you get some nice weather soon. sweet dreams. (((hugs))))

trishaham said...

Aww What a cutie pie. I love your graphics also.


jckfrstross said...

cute pictures:) enjoy your thursday:)


newmomtobe2001 said...

aww too cute! love vicky

crewsfour said...

Cut pics - love the graphics.  Leene

crewsfour said...

oops cute*

yakima127 said...

He is darling!  Hope you get to see him, soon!  Jae

chat2missie said...

I just love pics of babies.  For the most part, babies are always so happy.  Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to my face.

astra1547 said...

lovely pics of babies...


lifes2odd said...

The baby is so cute!!
Have a great weekend! Martha :-)

rjet33 said...

Thanks for visiting me, Bea.  The weather here has been so nice.  It is a cool day and blue, blue skies.  I hope to get my house cleaned up this weeked and get my Fall decorations out.  Love the pics.  Tyler is a cutie.  I am a great aunt many times over.  I do not have any great, greats as of yet.  Gotta run, I have so much to do today.



linnpooh said...

The babies are sooooooo adorable! Hope the storms have cleared so you can enjoy the beautiful fall colors.

Pooh Hugs,

garnett109 said...

Happy Halloween #6 victim you just got egged LOL!

helloimkara said...

HI there!!!  Found your journal while Trick or Treating! So nice to meet another SAHM!!!

Trick Or treat!   Kara :)