Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Just another one of those busy days

I talked to my sister yesterday and her mother in law passed away. She had a bad heart. She lived with my sister for awhile but then she kept falling down and getting hurt. My sister works so they had to make the decision to put her in a nursing home. Her hubby had a hard time with that but he is an over the road truck driver and they had no one to take care of her. First she went into a hospice but they only keep them for so long. My sister told me today that her last wish was to have her ashes scattered in Hawaii. They are thinking about going in October. She was in her 80's so she lived a pretty long life. I am happy I got to meet and get to know her a little when I visited a few years back.

The scale has been wonderful for me so far. I lost another 2 lbs. Total of 22 lbs. lost. It must be because I have been on my feet all day cooking all the food from the deep freezer that defrosted. LOL I really haven't been walking or doing any kind of exercising. I know it will catch up with me sooner or later. I am hoping for later.

 Here is a picture of Bambi with the new toy I bought him today. I had to go pick up his papers so I can register him on line at American Canine Association. I am thinking of studding him out so I can get some of my money back that I put into him. My vet doesn't like the idea and wants me to neuter him. I told him it was my choice.  I wanted to answer a comment about his cough. He is not coughing up worms. It is a dry hacking cough. They call it kennel cough. I sure hope it goes away soon.

 Here is one of the flowers my mother in law gave us. She calls them Canyons. I am not sure of that name or if there is another official name. I am pretty sure she gave us red and oranges ones but only the red one came up so far.

  These are on the side of the garage. They haven't flowered yet.

I have a few pictures of my garden. Bear with me because I am a proud gardener.

 These are the tomato plants. My roma tomatoes behind them don't seem to be making it. They look very droopy. I hope we can save them.

 This is one of 3 lettuce plants. When I came home from vacation I hacked away at the big plant and have had 5 great salads with it. My hubby said I was just suppose to pull the leaves off but I cut the whole thing down. Oops.

 I have 4 cabbage plants and they are all doing wonderful. I wanted to pull some but hubby said wait until it gets bigger. I love cabbage in my salads. I also love making cole slaw for hubby.

 These are the cucumber plants. I pulled one off already. The rabbit in our yard was chewing on one of the small cucumbers. I had to chase him out.

 My bell peppers are doing wonderful. I just gave my neighbor 5 big plants of bell peppers that I had in a planter because we ran out of room in our garden. We even used the side of the house for our garden, that is how crazy we went this year. Next year it will be smaller. Yeah right. Green peppers don't freeze very well. I just took some out of the freezer and roasted them in the oven and they turned out pretty good.

 These is the first year for the banana peppers. They taste pretty good. They are so mild. A little hot butnot to hot for me.

 The baby rabbit has gotten to all 4 of our broccoli plants. That is the one vegetable that we love eating raw the most.  We need to put some kind of wire or mesh around it. I went on line and they have these deer/rabbit pellets you put in your garden and they are suppose to stay away.

 Here our the green onions. I love any kind of onion. I also have 3 chive plants but I have them in planters. My hubby bunched a few of the green onion plants together. I hope they turn out.

My hubby killed all of my chocolate mint, peppermint, basil and one of my cilantro plants. He didn't water them enough. Men.

Well, enough about my garden. Sorry I bored you all. It is one of our passions.

I need to get off computer and feed the dog. Have a great evening everyone.


garnett109 said...

So sorry to here about you losing your mother -in-law , those are nice flowers she gave you to plant! If she called then canyons she is probably right. Look it up if you want to . you have a green thumb great pics of your garden!

chat2missie said...

Sorry about you MIL.  I wish I had a vegetable garden.  Your tomato plants look great.

yakima127 said...

Sorry about your sisters MIL...that is sad.
Your garden looks good to me!  And little Bambi is just so darn cute!  Jae

tkelliher617 said...

I love your garden!  You should be proud, it looks so nice.  The puppy is adorable I hope he gets better soon.  Sorry for you sisters loss.  Hugs

jckfrstross said...

love the garden:)


newmomtobe2001 said...

Condonlences to your sister. Congrats on the weight loss so far that's great and your garden is coming along beautifully! have a great day love vicky

sapphireslosing said...

Sorry to hear about your sister's mil!

Your garden is not boring. Actually I am sure my mom would love to see photos of how you built your garden up. She does horticultural therapy and is considered a Master Gardener. Feel free to check her website out sometime www.gardening4good. Alot of her work is geared towards senior centers, people with disabilities plus she does a lot I dont even know about!

dondieroy said...

sorry about your sisters mil...  That is sad.
Good for you on your loss..  Way to go !!!!
Bambi is soooooooo cute.  Hope he gets over the coughing soon.
Your flowers and garden are doing so well..  Everything looks yummy :)

ericanbiloxi said...

Oh that lil Bambi is the cutest lil thang! That is too cute of a pic of him!
I am way jealous of your garden Girl.....I have lost ALL my herbs that I started, because of worms and then just plain ole neglect, from all the other BS going on and taking up my time......gardening does take time(well to have a nice one like yours) I told Scott, when we got the ground level for the pool...."screw the pool, this will make a good garden site! lol" The pool is up, needless to say!<sigh>
Good job on the further weight loss.....You are really doing great D!


nana0014 said...

I loved looking at your garden. I use to do a big one, but no longer mess with it as we had to many creatures believing that I was growing stuff for them. My corn got mowed down constantly. I love fried green tomatoes. I love green peppers, stuffed or chopped up and used in everything. I love banana peppers, deep fried, yummy. Lettuce, tomatoes, onions in a tortellini salad, yum. I love cabbage in cole slaw and sometimes, just boiled in water with some crushed red peppers for taste. I don't eat it that much anymore because my kids hate it. I love cucumbers, but they don't like me. Everyone here loves broccoli. Thanks for making me HUNGRY.
Take care, Chrissie