Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bone Tired but Happy

My computer seems to be working fine now. I am glad that I didn't have to take it back. I guess all I needed to do was completely install the AT&T Yahoo installer and I was able to get on line. All those hours, yes I said hours of talking to all the different techs in India. I thought I was going to lose it but I was determined to get back on line. I am doing the happy dance.

I am also very happy because we had my hubby's 50th birthday party. It was so much fun but I am glad it is over. It started at 2pm Saturday and just ended around 7 pm Sunday. I had family sleep over and then we watched the Bears game which they lost in overtime. I think about 50 friends and family showed up. 

I will have to download the pictures when I am not so tired. I am so ready to hit the sheets early tonight.   Well, I have so much to say about the party but I can't seem to concentrate right now. Have a great evening.



garnett109 said...

ok i'm back to reading stuff but don't send to much thanks

ericanbiloxi said...

50 people? That is too many people in one house for my comfort lol
Glad ya'll had a great time.
I am so un tech savy, but I do know that it takes a while to get the tech support to actually, I have listened to Scott a many time on the phone with them.


shrbrisc said...

I am so glad you got it worked out and I can't wait to read what all has been going on , get some rest

chat2missie said...

Glad you finally got the computer issues straightend out.  Happy Birthday to your husband!

Becky said...

Looks good :-) Happy Birthday to your hubs. 50 years Wow!

Becky said...

Oops... I forgot to say thank you for stopping by my new blog. Your support is appreciated. :-)

Rhonda said...

Wow! Sounds like a big birthday party! Glad your back on! Now just muster up the strength to get back on the healthy way road! You can do it girl! Hang in there!

natalie said...

hiya Dutch! Happy Birthday to your husband! what did you get him?
I love how your blog looks!
Thanks for visitng mine and leaving comments!

Stacey Merriman said...

Have you tried that soup yet?/ We had it again this week. It is so darn good!


Deb aka murphthesurf said...

Oh the 100 hours or so with India to fix a computer problem. Did you know that you can ask to speak to someone in the US and they have to put you through? A friend of mine told me this and I asked the next call center in India that I wanted to speak to someone in the US and they did send me to a US call center. I want to give work to as many US people as possible and thus the reason for my request :-) I bought a MAC over a year ago and still am trying to figure out how to do stuff on it. Computers can be our worst enemies at times. Soooo happy that your hubby had a big 50!