Monday, April 16, 2007

Missing My Journal

I can't believe I haven't done an entry in almost 7 weeks.  I have been pretty busy with the new job. On Friday the girl I worked with quit. I don't think he is going to hire anyone else right now. I work with this guy and we agreed we would split the 67 hour work week. I don't mind because I did want it to be full time.

I have been doing great on my change of life eating habits. I have lost a total of 32 lbs since Jan. 1st. I am feeling wonderful. I think my job has a lot to do with it. I am on my feet a lot and walking back and forth. I have so much energy right now.

Well, I have to make this short. I just wanted to check in with everyone and say hi. I can't keep my eyes opened any longer.

I hope to catch up on everyone's journals very soon.



emabecmar said...

was wondering where you were. get some sleep. come back soon ok. ((((((((hugs))))))))

dondieroy said...

I was wondering where you were too.  Miss you..  Don't work to hard.
take care,

garnett109 said...

Good for you on the weight lose!

mumma4evr said...

wtg on the weight loss!!!! so what changes have you made?

chat2missie said...

I love reading good news!!

ericanbiloxi said...

WooooHoooo on the 32lbs lost.......  along with working and all the things going on in every day family stuff, i'm sure would make journaling more often seem like a second job! lol
Glad all is going great.


tkelliher617 said...

Yeah!!!!! You are doing great, I have missed your entries but am so glad to hear you are healthy and happy and doing good at work.  Thanks for all the funny emails, I always look forward to your emails for my laughs.
Tabatha :)

linnpooh said...

I'm so glad you are happy with your new job and congrats on the 32 pound weight loss....that is absolutely AWESOME!!!!
Life sounds glorious for you right now.....:)

Pooh Hugs,

crewsfour said...

Yea on the new job and hours. You should be so proud of yourself for losing that much weight!!!  Leene

rjet33 said...

Sorry I have not been around in a long while.  Life keeps me busy and has thrown me a few curves lately.  ::sigh::  I have 40 pounds to lose myself.  Congrats on your weight loss!



newsworthy822 said...

Sounds like you are doing great! Congrats on the new job and the weight loss. WOW! That is great. I am happy for you!

sapphireslosing said...

Thinking of you! Where have you been?